Pet Appreciation Week

Sorry for the delay — apparently WordPress is having difficulties when the Publish button is pressed! Here’s yesterday’s post! It’s Tuesday y’all! Hope everyone has a fantastic day! It’s raining outside here right now which is sad since I was planning on going to a few stores this morning. Oh well…guess I’ll have to wait til later. Anyways, y’all know there is a ‘National- Day; -Week; and -Month’ for basically everything these days. Apparently it’s Adopt a Cat Month here in the month of June. It was Hug Your Cat Day yesterday and this week is “Pet Appreciation Week.” With all these ‘days’ in mind I thought I wold throw this quick post together for y’all so let’s get started with “Pet Appreciation Week.”

Pets at the House:

Here at my parents house we have three animals – or rather two-; three-; and four-legged babies. Alex is our African Grey Parrot; Dixie is our Miniature Dachshund; and Grace is my tripawd Maine Coon Cat.


Pet Appreciation Week -- Visit for more info... Pet Appreciation Week -- Visit for more info...

We got him when he was a baby in 1995. This year back on April 2nd, he turned 23 years old. He’s mainly mom’s baby but he bugs everyone else in the house like any other little 2 year old. He talks and talks and talks — as long as he thinks no one is listening or paying attention. Alex eats everything and anything we eat except chocolate and avocadoes. He loves ice cream, milk on his cereal, and pizza.

These days Alex is saying “Good Girl,” “Good Boy,” “I see you,” and his favorite “Apple.” He says a few other things too as well as mimics the various noises from around the house. This would include sneezing, blowing his nose, yawning, burping (and saying excuse me), coughing, clearing his throat, meowing, barking, beeping when someone is bout to put something in the microwave, and opening/closing a door.

He has also picked up from when I’ve told him to “blow on his food” to cool it off (yes I know he can’t really blow on his food) BUT when I blow on it to help cool it off before giving it to him he now makes the noise of the blowing sound. There are days I get spooked no thanks to him with the sounds of the doors opening and closing thinking someone has come in the house knowing I’m the only one home.

One of his favorite things to do is take baths. We put a good size dishware at the bottom of his home so he can get in it. Here’s a video of him enjoying himself a bath the other day (sorry for the choppiness).

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Pet Appreciation Week -- Visit for more info... Pet Appreciation Week -- Visit for more info...

My sister got Dixie when she was just a puppy in 2003. Since then she has been mom’s dog, then for a little bit my aunts and uncles, and then back to mom. This was since my sister started traveling so much around and out of the country. She still ‘wanted’ Dixie but wanted someone else to take care of her while she was traveling.

These days Dixie has just become mom’s dog but Dixie gets super excited when my sister comes home to visit. Dixie’s number one favorite thing — sleeping. It’s like she just can’t get enough of it but yet she sleep all-the-time! If she’s not sleeping she is begging for food. Some of the things she has learnd to do is bark when her water bowl is empty and bark when she wants covered up. When she can’t managed to get any more food from mom and dad she resorts to Alex. Alex shares his food with her as he throws it just perfectly for Dixie to get.

Gracie Baby:

Pet Appreciation Week -- Visit for more info... Pet Appreciation Week -- Visit for more info... Pet Appreciation Week -- Visit for more info... Pet Appreciation Week -- Visit for more info...

Her name is Grace or nickname Gracie Baby. She was born in Ft. Lauderdale, FL in 2004 and has lived in Plantation, FL, north Louisiana, southern Mississippi, back home again, and hopefully north Dallas before the end of June. When she was a kitty through just before she lost one of her legs, she loved to fetch. I literally could throw a soft ball up the stars or across the room and she was go after it put it in her mouth and bring it right back to me.

These days every one in the house has to be careful where they leave their clothes as she loves to bring me ‘presents.’ Though mainly my socks she will pick up from upstairs to bring to me downstairs during the day and then the next morning they will be back in my room upstairs. Like Dixie, one of her favorite things to do is sleep. She sleeps close to me in the room I work in but if I get up to do anything she follows.

Pet Appreciation Week -- Visit for more info...

When it’s lunch time she gets up and makes sure I know it’s time to eat; same goes for dinner. She just sits staring at the place her plate of food goes or follows me until I give in to give her something (these are times I’m on the treadmill and want to finish before I eat myself since she eats when I eat.)

If you have read previous posts you would know Gracie Baby got sick back at the end of October 2017. She’s still doing great, taking her meds, and eating ALOT. Along with her regular cat food, she loves her nightly treats (hairball control), pepperjack cheese, and biscuits. It’s crazy how much this kitty loves her biscuits.

In addition to taking our walks to get the mail, she has also been outside a little more but I’m still watching her like a hawk. Not sure if I’ll ever be comfortable to letting her go out without me but I have rigged up her collar just in case. More on that in another post.

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There you go my “Pet Appreciation Week” post. Hope you enjoyed! Have any pets you appreciate? Be sure to share stories and pictures here or on Instagram with #craftyjbird.

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Best Buy Co, Inc.Have any questions about today’s “Random Tuesday” “Pet Appreciation Week” post? Please feel free to comment below. Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again!

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