Pet Appreciation Week

Sorry for the delay — apparently WordPress is having difficulties when the Publish button is pressed! Here’s yesterday’s post! It’s Tuesday y’all! Hope everyone has a fantastic day! It’s raining outside here right now which is sad since I was planning on going to a few stores this morning. Oh well…guess I’ll have to wait til later. Anyways, y’all know there is a ‘National- Day; -Week; and -Month’ for basically everything these days. Apparently it’s Adopt a Cat Month here in the month of June. It was Hug Your Cat Day yesterday and this week is “Pet Appreciation Week.” With all these ‘days’ in mind I thought I wold throw this quick post together for y’all so let’s get started with “Pet Appreciation Week.” Continue reading “Pet Appreciation Week”

The THEN & NOW of Scrapbooking

Happy “Scrap It Friday

my fellow Scrappers!

It’s not only Friday, it’s also the start of 4th of July Weekend!  I hope everyone has a great but safe one!!

For this post I wanted to show and compare the way scrapbook pages were made before scrapbooking became so popular.  As I have said in previous posts, I have been scrapbooking since I was in 5th grade.  Though I can’t seem to find my very first scrapbook, I have found my scrapbook from 8th grade. Continue reading “The THEN & NOW of Scrapbooking”


Hello Random Tuesday!!

Yes, there are tons of recipes out there for how to juice but I thought I would share one of my favorite recipes I make fairly often in my juicing.

How I Got Started On Juicing

Last year for my birthday I visited my best friend (since 1989) in South Carolina, spending the weekend with her and her two little girls. My best friend for as long as I have known has been vegan. Unfortunately over the years we haven’t had the chance to spend more than a few hours at a time with each other so we’ve never really talked about being vegan or anything. After seeing the things she still got to eat no matter I realized I could easily be vegan or at least pescatarian. Continue reading “Juicing”