Oily Gift Basket

It’s Thursday y’all!! Hope everyone is safe from all these storms going on throughout the US. Since it rained a lot yesterday; we had to backwash the pool FIVE times! The last time I decided to let a little more than normal out since the electricity had just decided to flicker some. Anyways, while I’m waiting for some bottles of oils to arrive I thought I would share the “Oily Gift Basket” I made up for the teacher I observed last week as a Thank you. So, let’s get started with “Oily Gift Basket…” Continue reading “Oily Gift Basket”

Snappin’ Memories

Hello Tuesday! Hope everyone who had the day off yesterday has a successful or relaxing one. I spent most of my day on the treadmill and then worked on certification stuff. Anyways, did y’all see my post back in August on Instagram of the Solar Eclipse? Well, I thought I would share the camera I can thank for getting me the picture. So, let’s get started with “Snappin’ Memories…” Continue reading “Snappin’ Memories”

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day Wednesday y’all!! Hope everyone has a great day and fun celebrating. I’m staying in and watching movies recorded from the Hallmark Channel šŸ˜ and ten I will probably treat myself to ice cream or cake or even maybe both. Anyways, today I just put something quick and simple together to go with my “Make It Monday” “Rose Drawing.” So, let’s get started with “Happy Valentines Day”… Continue reading “Happy Valentines Day”

Rose Drawing

Happy Monday y’all! Hope everyone has a great day! I’m heading back up to the elementary class I’ve been doing my observation for about the last week and kinda sad it’s my last day. At least I know I’ll be back soon (fingers crossed!). Anyways, since it’s now Valentines Week I thought I would show off my “Rose Drawing.” So, let’s get started… Continue reading “Rose Drawing”