Green Blender Review

It’s Tuesday y’all! Hope everyone has a fantastic day! Sorry I’ve been MIA. I have been working hard on my teaching certification and a few other things that I had to have my attention. Anyways, I’m super excited to do this post as it’s my first ‘product review;’ so, let’s get started with my “Green Blender Review…”

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Green Blender:

Green Blender is a smoothie company that sends you a box with everything you need to make smoothies with two servings each. You choose which ones you want based on the menu. Though the choices seem limited but understandable considering the effort to come about the ingredients for so many customers.

Box Arrival:

Green Blender Review -- Visit for more info...

The box arrived accordingly based on the area you live in, so for me, it came on a Wednesday. Within my box contained ingredients for four smoothies with two servings each and oatmeal packages with also two servings. Each ‘set’ of smoothie ingredients were in separate bags to make it easy to add to your blender.

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Key Lime Pie Smoothie:

Green Blender Review -- Visit for more info...I decided to make this smoothie first, and I’m glad I did! I’m not too big into limes, but I do love some Key West ‘Key Lime Pie.’ Putting everything together was easy peasy as I just emptied each baggie within the big bag into my blender until I got to the limes.

These limes weren’t like any other limes I’ve seen, at least here where I’m from as they were super tiny. Maybe it’s just me but they were a bit hard to cut, and I almost gave up to just adding a drop of my Young Living Lime Vitality Essential Oil to the mix. Luckily, I didn’t give up and got them peeled.

The taste of Green Blender‘s Key Lime Pie Smoothie tasted (to me) like the actual pie. I even had my mom taste it, and she said it wasn’t too bad <– she’s not a smoothie type person so that comment was good.

Orange Hibiscus Ginger Smoothie:

Green Blender Review -- Visit for more info...

Just as I did with the Key Lime Pie Smoothie, I added all the ingredients to my blender until I got to the organic yellow squash and orange. With these, I quickly chopped the squash up and got the orange peeled. Green Blender‘s ‘Pro Tip’ did suggest to steep the hibiscus flowers in hot water before blending, but I opted not to do, unfortunately.

I’m not sure if it was the ingredients themselves or the fact I don’t care for ginger, but I did not care for this blend of ingredients. Sadly, I took one sip, and the rest went down the drain.

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Cilantro Citrus Cantaloupe:

Green Blender Review -- Visit for more info...

Again, I emptied all the ingredients into my blender until I got this time to the pear and lime where I chopped and peeled those accordingly. For this smoothie, I was really looking forward to liking it since I love cantaloupe. Unfortunately, once again, I think the mixture for this one was just not to my liking.

I have been wondering if there wasn’t so much cilantro added to it if it would have tasted a little better since that was all I seemed to taste. Unfortunately, I will never know. Needless to say, I took a couple of sips, and the drain enjoyed the rest.

Almond Mint Refresh:

Green Blender Review -- Visit for more info...

Last, but not least out of the smoothies, the Almond Mint Refresh. I guess two out of four smoothies is good. Though I don’t care for dates, I couldn’t taste them, so the mix for this smoothie was pretty great.

Everything for this smoothie was ready to go into my blender except for the apple. For the apple, I actually cheated (oops). We get those already chopped apples for our Alex, our African Grey Bird, so I put about seven pieces of them in instead of chopping up the one that came in the box.

I think the one thing that would have made this smoothie better was to have a Red Delicious apple. Though most would say these are not as nutritious but they make smoothies a lot more sweeter to me.

Oatmeal Cookie Oatmeal:

Green Blender Review -- Visit for more info...

Since my mom is more of the oatmeal person in the house, I made the Oatmeal Cookie Oatmeal for her. To make it I merely followed the directions on the package by adding 2/3 cups of hot water. Apparently, we all have our quirks when it comes to making oatmeal. Me, I like to add a full cup of hot water along with ground cinnamon and put the bowl in the microwave until the oats ‘grow’ right before they look like they’re about to go over the bowl. Then I add almond milk to help cool it off a little.

For my mom, she adds 2% Milk with ground cinnamon, honey, and a trail mix of fruits and nuts. She said she likes this oatmeal, but it is a little bland for her taste even after I added some of her 2% Milk and more ground cinnamon. I guess in the end; it’s just an acquired taste like everything else.


All in all, I think like two out of the four smoothies was well worth it. It’s certainly not the companies fault my taste buds don’t like those ingredients together. As I said above, I guess for the most part these smoothies are an acquired taste like everything else.

Since I prefer thicker smoothies to make them last longer, I added more ice making the total of ice being 2 cups instead of just 1 cup. For the liquid added to each smoothie, all of them except the last one called for 1 cup of water. The last one came with its own 8 oz container of Almond Milk. For someone who loves, prefers, and drinks almond milk on a daily basis this was okay. However, this would be obviously one that would be either avoided or change the liquid if you are allergic to nuts.

Having everything right there available in a box delivered to you each week could be very convenient especially if you don’t live in an area to get some of the ingredients. I think once I get moved to Dallas I will probably start getting the boxes at least once a month if not more.

There you go, my first product review. Hope you enjoyed! Think Green Blender Smoothies might be something for you?! Click on the banner below to get yours ordered today!

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Best Buy Co, Inc. Have any questions about today’s “Random Tuesday” “Green Blender Review?” Please feel free to comment below. Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again!

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