Mosaic Moments Zookeeper

Happy Friday y’all! Hope everyone has a great day! I’m getting ready for our all day scrapbooking day we are having tomorrow as part of the Craftwell Day in support of The Hub here at home. I did a post on it last year so if you missed it you can read all about it here. Anyways, I have another scrapbook double page layout for all those zoo pictures you may have. So, let’s get started with “Mosaic Moments Zookeeper”…

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Things Used:

Mosaic Moments Zookeeper -- Visit for more info...

  • Mosaic Moments Zookeeper
  • Adhesive

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Step #1:

Mosaic Moments Zookeeper -- Visit for more info...

To start, I added the blue pieces of cardstock to both sides of the double page layout.

Step #2:

Mosaic Moments Zookeeper -- Visit for more info...

Then, I added the yellow pieces of cardstock to their spots.

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Step #3:

Mosaic Moments Zookeeper -- Visit for more info...

Next, I added the three pieces of pattern zoo printed paper to their places on the double page layout.

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Step #4:

Mosaic Moments Zookeeper -- Visit for more info...Finally, I added the short strips of pattern paper to their spots for the double page layout.

Sam's Club -IOSMosaic Moments Zookeeper -- Visit for more info...

And there you go, another quick page that could quickly be finished wherever you go scrapbooking. These three pictures were taken at the zoo I use to work at here close to home just like last weeks. The first one is Lancelot giving me some love since I had the bucket of food to feed him and the rest of the deer. In the second picture, there behind me is one of the goats sleeping after having a bunch of kiddos come through on their field trip. For the last photo, it’s from the first time I worked there in 2013. I’m helping with holding down our beaver as one of them trims his from teeth down.

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