Scrapbooking for a Cause

Happy Tuesday y’all! Hope everyone is having a great day so far! I’m trying to find some new study material to go with what I have already and having no luck what so ever. Everything I’ve ordered is not what I expect it to be so it’s all getting sent back. Anyways, today I wanted to tell you about our great scrapbooking day we had Saturday. Let’s get started with “Scrapbooking for a Cause…”

Six years ago during the month of April, a group of ladies decided to put together an event geared towards those who scrapbook in and around our city. Since starting this event, it has grown and I believe within the next year or so they are going to have to move it to a different location. This event is now known as “Craftwell for Your City.” Though created for us scrapbookers, it is a great cause of raising money for the Hub Urban Ministries. To learn more of exactly what the Hub Urban Ministries is all about click here.

“Craftwell for Your City:”

Scrapbooking for a Cause -- Visit for more info... During this event, we basically scrapbook all day from  9 am until 9 pm, for those who stay that late. If you register early it’s only $35 if you register past the given date, it goes up to $45; either way is still for a great cause. You also have the option to purchase a t-shirt and/or like this year an apron. I just got the t-shirt but some got both. Above is what this years’ t-shirt.

There are also ‘classes’ you can take throughout the day. I remember the first year we went there was a photography class I took and the lady teaching it showed us a canvas photo she had taken. Oddly enough, I recognized it immediately from it being taken down on the Mississippi Coast not too far from where I lived. She then generously gave me the canvas and it now hangs in my bathroom so I can have some beachy. This year they had a class to create a canvas with your monogram on it.

Raising the Money:

Wondering how this event raises the money with only charging so much to come? Well to start, a couple of weeks before the big event, various restaurants on a particular day, donates a certain percent made from each purchase to the Hub Urban Ministries. This year it was a yogurt chain, a fast food restaurant, and a burger place.

Scrapbooking for a Cause -- Visit for more info... The really big thing that happens is over 100 raffles are donated from various stores and sponsors. Each ticket is $1. Every year the raffles are different. Some win a lot of them, others don’t have the excitement of winning any of them. The first year we went I won a tub of Saints stuff which was awesome! Above are just a few of the raffles this year.Scrapbooking for a Cause -- Visit for more info...Of course, I had to share, this year I won this bundle of goodies. Though it wasn’t particularly my top raffle I wanted to win (that would be the LSU goodies), I am most definitely ready for the summer and pool parties!

Craftsy Last year this event raised over $16,000 for the Hub Urban Ministries. This year we are still waiting to hear but I will update as soon as I know how much but I’m certain it’s going to be more than last year just like it has been every year!

There you go. A quick little something about what we did Saturday and how we were “Scrapbooking for a Cause” all day. Hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to check out Memory Lane Inn for a weekend retreat getaway. It’s a great place to scrapbook and/or make all your creative crafts.

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Have any questions about today’s “Random Tuesday” “Scrapbooking for a Cause” post? Please feel free to comment below. Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again!

Crafty JBird

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