A Bird and A Dog

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For today’s post I want to tell you a story about a bird and a dog. Here at my house we have Alex, an African Grey Bird, of which I have talked briefly about before, and we also have Dixie. Dixie is a miniature dachshund. Though they don’t particular get along when Alex is out and about of his home, they almost seem like best friends.

A Bird and A Dog

About Alex:

A Bird and A Dog -- Visit CraftyJBird.com for more info...
Alex on his 21st Birthday earlier this year…

Alex was born April 2, 1995. He turned 21 years of age this past April. He is my mom’s baby and will live as old as 75 to 80 years. Since my sister lives in Turkey, I will probably get him if my parents pass before he does. Alex will eat everything and anything we eat. The only things he can’t eat is chocolate and avocados. This is true with all birds. Some of his favorite things include pizza, spaghetti, and cereal in the mornings with milk; and yes, all these things make a lovely mess just like a two or three year old. He shakes his beak to help clean it off before ‘wiping’ it on his perch. He really only gets the milk when I give him his breakfast in the morning cause I love to spoil.


Now, even though I will most likely get him one day, I am counting on whom ever I am married to at the time will be able to handle him. Birds sense fear and since you could probably say I was deathly afraid of him when we first got him when he is out of his little house, he still believes I am afraid; which I guess I am a little but certainly not as much as I was when I was 9 or 10 years old.

However, you would be too if you had been taken a nap on the couch and thought you were just dreaming of a bird biting the side of your eye and then wake to find a bird literally biting the side of your eye. Not cool! Alex also loves toes! Mainly mine and several of my friends when they spent the night when we were younger; but he still loves mine so I make sure I have my house shoes on at all times when I’m in the house. It’s a lot safer that way. lol

About Dixie:

A Bird and A Dog -- Visit CraftyJBird.com for more info...
Dixie Saturday night waiting patiently (or not so much) for me to drop something for her from my Newk’s pizza… I did give her some bell peppers 🙂

Dixie is actually my sisters. She got her when she was attending LSU. My mom got her when my sister moved to CA then IL and then Turkey. She was born I believe in December of 2003, so she’s about 13 years old. Up until a few weeks ago she wasn’t moving around very well due to some pain. Turns out that pain was due to some teeth. After several days of recovering from dental surgery of having six teeth removed, she is hyper as ever. It’s like she’s a brand new dog.

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Though Dixie isn’t much of a walking dog due to loving to stop every two seconds to sniff, she has her favorite people she rather take her for a walk. My mom has a three-wheel bike where she’ll ride while she walks and she seems perfectly content doing that; unlike when anyone else tries it takes five minutes just to get to the next house over.

Alex and Dixie:

Now that I have told you a little about the two separately, let me tell you about how these two are together. When Alex gets fed breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner Dixie is right there waiting for him to drop something. Now we have paper at the bottom the Alex’s home to catch his droppings but Dixie has learned how to pull that paper out and eat what she can as well as make a mess.

It’s only been within the last year that she’s been doing this more and more. We have tried to think of what could prevent Dixie from getting the paper and making that mess since Alex makes enough of a mess without her helping but it’s only been recently that we have finally found something that works more or less. Alex not only has the food he drops for whatever reason, he also likes to throw the food outside his home just for Dixie. Yep that right, Alex helps the cause of Dixie getting his food. It’s funny at times but at others, it just makes a bigger mess.


As you can see, we now have pipes around Alex’s home to help keep Dixie from pulling the paper out off the bottom. So far it has helped but I’m sure one of these days she will find a way to really get what she wants; she usually does.

Wanna see some short movies? Click here and here for a couple of short movies showing the joy of a bird and a dog.

There you go, just a random topic about a bird and a dog. Hope you enjoyed the pictures at least. 🙂

Have any questions about today’s topic? Please feel free to comment below and I’ll respond back as soon as possible! Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again!

Crafty JBird

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