Pet Appreciation Week

Sorry for the delay — apparently WordPress is having difficulties when the Publish button is pressed! Here’s yesterday’s post! It’s Tuesday y’all! Hope everyone has a fantastic day! It’s raining outside here right now which is sad since I was planning on going to a few stores this morning. Oh well…guess I’ll have to wait til later. Anyways, y’all know there is a ‘National- Day; -Week; and -Month’ for basically everything these days. Apparently it’s Adopt a Cat Month here in the month of June. It was Hug Your Cat Day yesterday and this week is “Pet Appreciation Week.” With all these ‘days’ in mind I thought I wold throw this quick post together for y’all so let’s get started with “Pet Appreciation Week.” Continue reading “Pet Appreciation Week”

Writing on Black

Howdy Write It Wednesday!

So, if you saw Monday’s Make It Monday post you would have seen I have an envelope with a card that needs to be addressed. Since I only seemed to have one white pen, I went and got me one more pen yesterday that would show up when writing on black cardstock. First, I’ll show you the difference in the two pens. Finally, I’ll write an address on my envelope. This address is my old Florida address though when we moved out on our terms, the complex was being bought out and changed into condos so I’m pretty sure that address doesn’t particular exist anymore. Let’s get started… Continue reading “Writing on Black”

Out with the Old In with the New

Happy Scrap It Friday!

Finally Friday! I have PT this morning and I wasn’t sure if I was gonna make it yesterday! We never stopped and I’m not even sure what we did. Anyways, today I’m going to do a quick thing where I just had pictures this morning printed by going to and having them printed at CVS. I wanted to show you what my Ugg Boots that I have had for over 10 years look like now. So, here’s Out with the Old In with the New… Continue reading “Out with the Old In with the New”

Bestie’s Birthday

Happy Write It Wednesday!

Hope everyone’s having a great week so far! Mom and I made it back from Dallas yesterday. Be sure to check back next week to hear about our trip and some recommendations of what to do when in the Big D. Anywho, in a few weeks is my bestie’s birthday so I thought I would make her a card. Though we don’t get to see each other often enough due to distance; we still do what we can to keep in touch.

Let’s get started… Continue reading “Bestie’s Birthday”