License Plate State Game

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I’m sure everyone that has kids knows the License Plate State Game. Though I don’t have kids, I remember playing this game every summer vacation. Well today I have a new version for you. Let’s get started…

License Plate State Game

Things You’ll Need:

  • List of States will Be Driving Through
  • Pen or Pencil

My Thoughts:

As we were driving through Mississippi on the coast over the week for the scrapbook retreat I noticed each license plate had the county it was from so I started thinking… When I lived in Florida the plates were the same way. If the vehicle was registered with Broward County, it had Broward on the plate somewhere. I remember when I lived in Mississippi few years ago I had seen the plates with the different counties so that wasn’t actually so new to me this trip; however, it dawned on me why not change the license plate game up a bit.

How It Could Work:

Let’s say you are driving through a single state and for the most part of that state all your kiddos are going to see is that’s states license plates. Well, if you change it up a bit by looking for the different counties, the kiddos could still play the game. Unfortunately, this version of the game wouldn’t work in all states. For example, I’ve lived in Louisiana most of my life. I have also been throughout the state multiple times; however, the parishes are not on the license plates.

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On the other hand, if you are driving from the top of Florida towards Miami or the Keys, you would most likely find several license plates going down the turnpike, as well as at the stops in the middle, license plates with the different counties. There are a total of 67 counties in the state of Florida so there is a good change going either from north to south or south to north the kiddos would spot at least half of them.

Mississippi State License Plate Game:

So, I don’t have examples for Florida, but as an example for Mississippi, at least on the Gulf Coast, here are a few pictures I took while down for my trip. For security purposes I ‘erased’ the license plate number on each picture.

License Plate State Game -- Visit for more info.. License Plate State Game -- Visit for more info.. License Plate State Game -- Visit for more info..

There you go, another version of a popular road trip game. Hope you enjoyed as well as for your kiddos to have fun with this new version.

Have any questions about today’s post? Please feel free to comment below and I’ll respond back as soon as possible! Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again!

Crafty JBird

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