Snappin’ Memories

Hello Tuesday! Hope everyone who had the day off yesterday has a successful or relaxing one. I spent most of my day on the treadmill and then worked on certification stuff. Anyways, did y’all see my post back in August on Instagram of the Solar Eclipse? Well, I thought I would share the camera I can thank for getting me the picture. So, let’s get started with “Snappin’ Memories…” Continue reading “Snappin’ Memories”

Gracie Baby Update -- Visit for more info...

Gracie Baby Update

It’s Tuesday y’all! Hope everyone had a very Merry, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! For those still heading to see family or heading home, be safe. Our Christmas was a pretty successful exiting day. For New Year’s Eve, my brother-in-law and I played Madden 18 on my PS4 until the Saints game. Then before they left New Year’s Day, we played some more until lunch was ready.  Anyways, I decided to make this a quick and short post by letting those interested how my Gracie Baby is doing. So, let’s get started with “Gracie Baby Update…” Continue reading “Gracie Baby Update”

Puzzle 2 Puzzle

Happy Tuesday! Only a couple more weeks until Christmas! Hope everyone is ready or close to being ready. I’m getting closer to being ready since I managed to get two gifts wrapped yesterday. Anyways, back at the beginning of November my parents, sister, and I went Oklahoma to stay in a cabin for a week. Since it managed to rain a few days l decided to work on a puzzle I found in the cabin. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to finish it but decided to order it when we got home. So, let’s get started with “Puzzle 2 Puzzle…” Continue reading “Puzzle 2 Puzzle”