2018 Money Challenge

It’s Tuesday y’all! Though I really should have done this post sooner but due to “Technical Difficulties” a couple of weeks ago, it got pushed back. Sorry about that. Anyways, here is my “2018 Money Challenge” information with the backstory on why I started it from my “2017 Money Challenge” post and where to go for check-ins. Let’s get started…

**Most of this post is my “2017 Money Challenge” just updated a little with things such as the Money Challenge Printout and new Money Challenge Facebook Group interlinked with the Money Challenge  Facebook Page <– for more details continue reading.**

Things Used:

2018 Money Challenge -- Visit CraftyJBird.com for more info...

  • Jar
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Printer
  • $ Challenge Printout

How I Got Started:

So, back when I lived in Dallas working for my cousins and living with their parents in 2014, I still needed some extra cash despite the fact I didn’t really spend that much. One day while watching TV with my aunt and on Pinterest, I came across this 52-week money challenge. Since it was close to Christmas I told my aunt maybe this is something all of us ‘kids’ of the family should do, and I could get everyone a jar, make a printout to go on it and give it to them for Christmas.

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The Jar:

2018 Money Challenge -- Visit CraftyJBird.com for more info...

Within that week we went to Big Lots not too far from the house and found some decent size jars for super cheap. My aunt decided she would help me out, so I paid for half, and she paid for half. Once we got back to the house, she also added a single dollar to get everyone started. By this time I was super excited since it was giving me a distraction from what had been going on back at home.

Along with the jars, we also picked some chalkboard stickers up so we could put everyone’s names on for each one. Since this was pre-calligraphy, I had my sister write out everyone’s name once I got home for Christmas.

My Poem:

2018 Money Challenge -- Visit CraftyJBird.com for more info...While still in Dallas, while watching TV another day, I was trying to think of something to go with the jars so everyone would know what the purpose was so I came up with a poem that went with the 12 Days of Christmas song. Though I’m probably biased, I think it’s a pretty good poem considering.

2018 Money Challenge -- Visit CraftyJBird.com for more info...

Along with the poem, I also printed out a saying to go on the outside of the bag I put each jar in for my cousins.

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How the Money Challenge Works:

The way the challenge works is simple. Whatever week number it is within the year is how much money you add to your jar. Therefore, say it’s Week #14, you would add 14 dollars to your jar. At Week #39, you would add 39 dollars giving you a total of 780 dollars in your jar. Easy peasy! Head on over to the Facebook Group to learn how (I hope) this year’s Money Challenge is going to go.

2017 Money Challenge Printout:

Despite the fact that I’m pretty sure none of my cousins (except for maybe one) has been doing my money challenge, I keep updating them each year since I started it. Each year I pull up my last spreadsheet and change the dates accordingly based on the dates for the Sundays during that year.

Sam's Club

Crafty JBird Challenge Facebook Group:

Head on over to Facebook to join my Crafty JBird Money Challenge Group. It’s easy, click on CraftyJBird’s Facebook Page found here at the bottom of this post. Once there click on ‘Groups,’ and you will see a link for Crafty JBird Challenge Group. After I receive a Join Request, you will find the how all the information needed. Come on get going and join in the fun!! Remember, this challenge is for everyone, whether teaching your kiddo(s) to save, saving for that new car, Young Living Essential Oils, wedding, new baby coming soon (or already here), scrapbook supplies, trip you want to go on; should I continue? Everyone has a reason to save money!

Have any questions about the” 2018 Money Challenge?” Please feel free to comment below, and I’ll respond back as soon as possible! Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again!

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Crafty JBird

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