Snappin’ Memories

Hello Tuesday! Hope everyone who had the day off yesterday has a successful or relaxing one. I spent most of my day on the treadmill and then worked on certification stuff. Anyways, did y’all see my post back in August on Instagram of the Solar Eclipse? Well, I thought I would share the camera I can thank for getting me the picture. So, let’s get started with “Snappin’ Memories…”

Camera and Accessories:

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Best Buy Co, Inc.

Instax Mini 8 Camera:

Snappin' Memories -- Visit for more info...

I had wanted one of these cameras for a while now. Though I still take most of my pictures with my iPhone (who doesn’t), I also love having my other cameras. Whether it’s my Canon for taking my beach scenes, zoos, aquariums, holidays, etc.; my iPhone for every day let’s take a picture of every single thing; or my Instax Mini 8 Camera for those want that snapshot now kinda pictures.

Instax Film:

Snappin' Memories -- Visit for more info...

The film for this camera can get expensive, which is why you’ve gotta pick and choose your ‘victims’ when using it. Like I said above, I have this camera to thank for the pictures I got during the Solar Eclipse back in August 2017.

Happy Solar Eclipse 2017 Y’all! Hope everyone who wanted to got to see the once in a lifetime event today. Though I wasn’t able to get the glasses since everything sold out super quickly, I was lucky enough to still be able to see the event thanks to one of my dad’s employees who had his welding glasses and a filter thing. It was pretty cool I think. Since I wasn’t lucky enough to get a filter for my Canon camera, I did manage to get one with my Instax Camera and iPhone by putting the filter thing in front of the lenses. They aren’t the best but they are still pictures of this once in a lifetime event. If you got pictures I would love to see them so be sure to tag me @CraftyJBird Oh and the last pic is me and my cousin… 😎

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Selfie Mirror:

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So, apparently, when this camera was purchased as a birthday present for me last year, it was before the new versions came out with a selfie mirror on the front. Solution? Add-on selfie mirror! All you do is snap it on to use and snap it off to remove. Easy peasy.

The lightweight, low-profile BrightPad makes crafting easier while reducing eye strain.

Hedi Swapp Case and Strap:

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Obviously, you don’t have to have a case with a strap for the camera. It has a small wrist strap it comes with, but it certainly comes in handy. Certainly, the case helps protect the camera itself, and the strap is great for having your hands available when not using the camera. However….

Snappin' Memories -- Visit for more info...

…It’s also great for storing those pictures you’ve just taken and that selfie mirror that easily attaches and detaches. I decided to start keeping my selfie mirror in the back here to keep it safe from getting lost or broken.

Snappin' Memories -- Visit for more info...

There you go, my Instax Mini 8 Camera and two of my “Snappin’ Memories” pictures of my Gracie Baby. Hope you enjoyed!

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Have any questions about the” Snappin’ Memories” Please feel free to comment below, and I’ll respond back as soon as possible! Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again!

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Crafty JBird

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