Merry Beachy Christmas Part 4

Happy Wednesday y’all! Hope everyone has a great day! We were suppose to be heading on to Dallas today but unfortunately things happen and so we are not. Hopefully my sis was able to get our reservations changed to another date and I still want to see the Zoo Lights.  Anyways, to continue my “Beachy Christmas” theme I have my final part to share with you. So, let’s get started with “Merry Beachy Christmas Part 4…” Continue reading “Merry Beachy Christmas Part 4”

Cinco de Mayo Double Page

It’s Cinco de Mayo Day!! Hope everyone has a great day! And hope Happy Birthday to my friend in Washington State! Hope you have a great day! So, yesterday nothing wanted to go right for me. I was very close to just saying forget this post, but I didn’t and went ahead and got my double page finished. YAY! Anyways, let’s get started with “Cinco de Mayo Double Page….” Continue reading “Cinco de Mayo Double Page”

Thank You

Happy Make It Monday!!

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a fun but safe night Saturday night! I ended up staying in and catching up on various things. Anyways, I thought an easy, simple Thank You card would be perfect to create for those who plan on sending out Thank You cards to your friends and family for everything they gave you for the 2016 year. Everyone loves getting mail, at least I know I do. No worries this is a simple “Make It Now” Cricut project and according to the project page, it takes less than 30 minutes for one card. Let’s get started…. Continue reading “Thank You”