Hearts of Luck St. Patrick’s Day Card

Happy Monday y’all! Hope everyone has a great day! Everyone in this household is finally well enough to get back to normal. Anyways, remember my “Hearts of Luck” projects I did last year? Well, I have another project I have put together this year. So, let’s get started with my “Hearts of Luck St. Patrick’s Day Card…”

Things Used:

Hearts of Luck St. Patrick's Day Card

To purchase most of the products used in this post click on the product you want for the link to Amazon.com. For the Cricut Explore, Tools, and Accessories, click on the ad below. I used cardstock I already had on-hand as well as the pen I used.

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Step #1:

Hearts of Luck St. Patrick's Day Card

The first thing I did was pick out my envelope I wanted to use since I knew I plan on sending out a few.

Step #2:

Hearts of Luck St. Patrick's Day Card

Then, I added a square and my “Hearts of Luck” pieces. I adjusted the square to make it with a width of 4.37 and height of 6.73. For my “Hearts of Luck” pieces I made them with a width of 3.835 and height of 3.153. I also added a scoring line to place in the middle for an easy fold once cut.

Step #3:

Hearts of Luck St. Patrick's Day Card

Next, I added text boxes to add the addresses. For both addresses, I used the writing font “Be Mine,” making the return address size 13.21 and the other 18.97. I made the envelope the width of 6.233 and height of 8.218.

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Step #4:

Hearts of Luck St. Patrick's Day CardHearts of Luck St. Patrick's Day CardHearts of Luck St. Patrick's Day Card

Here shows all three pieces finished after letting Cricut do its thing. For my “Hearts of Luck,” I used the BICK Mark-It Pen color “Fandango Pink” on white cardstock. Then for the card and envelope, I used green cardstock as well as using the same color pen for the addresses on the envelope.

For Cricut Explore to cut out my Clover, I had to set it on the Custom setting. Then, I went to materials to change the material used to “Cardstock (for intricate cuts).” I also used a deep blade instead of the regular fine point blade, as I found these settings and tools didn’t tear my cardstock. Needless to say, it took several tries before finally getting it to cut correctly.

Having the Cricut do intricate cut meant it cut each thing twice. So, in the video below, you will notice I placed my hand (softly) on the cardstock as the Cricut Explore cut out the square of the card. I did this so it wouldn’t move during it’s second cut. To fold the envelope together, I used a little tougher adhesive to ensure it would stay together during transit.

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Step #5:

Hearts of Luck St. Patrick's Day CardHearts of Luck St. Patrick's Day Card After adding adhesive to my card and carefully placing the white cardstock to line up accordingly with the outline, I used the small scissors by Cricut to cut off the excess cardstock.

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Step #6:

Hearts of Luck St. Patrick's Day CardHere, I thought I’d just show the card inside the envelope and how it fits perfectly.

Check out this Time Lapse Video showing Cricut Explore doing its thing.

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Hearts of Luck St. Patrick's Day Card

There you go! A cute and easy “Hearts of Luck St. Patrick’s Day Card” to send off to my sister and bestie. Hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to be sure to check back for the rest of my “Sea Creature Boards,” as I wanted to share this post before St. Patrick’s Day.

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Have any questions about today’s “Make It Monday” “Hearts of Luck St. Patrick’s Day Card” post? Please feel free to comment below. Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again!

Crafty JBird

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