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Hello Random Tuesday!!

I hope everyone is having an AWESOMENESS and Safe 4th of July!!  Just a few of my cousins are coming over and to get in the pool for a bit but we aren’t popping any fireworks.  However I have been busy trying to keep up with these challenges I’ve been doing on Instagram, so I thought today I would share a few so you can get a peek of what I’ve been posting.  Please keep in mind, I’m not much of a picture drawer and I’ve only been practicing my brush calligraphy since the beginning of March this year.

My first post is part of the #singingletters Challenge put on by @typomaker.

I love love love this song!!  Though I’m not engaged or anything but I have picked various things I plan to have at my wedding, which I know, this is normal for all girls 😛 I definitely plan on having “I Swear” playing at my wedding.  Only the All-4-One version will be playing though, just because as I said in my post, their cassette tape (yes I am that old!) was my very first!

My second #singingletters Challenge post I have finished was based on nation’s song – “The Star Spangle Banner” by Francis Scott Key in 1814.  I thought it was very appropriate for celebrating America’s Birthday.

My last post I am going to share below hits home for me.  Last Tuesday a tragic attack in Istanbul, Turkey happened.  It took place at the Ataturk Airport.  I have been through this airport a total of 6 times where I was either arriving to visit my sister, brother-in-law, and his family or departing to come home from visiting them.  But that’s not why it hits home so much.  It hits home for me because my sister has been through that airport countless times, as has my brother-in-law who not only has been through for traveling to the US but also for business.

When I got the alert about the horrifying attack, my mom and I had just dropped my sister off at our local airport for her to fly back to Istanbul.  Luckily, the flight from here to Houston had once again been delayed for whatever reason so when she called me just wanting me to go by Nothing Bundt Cakes and bring her one I was able to break the news to her (she hadn’t heard the news yet) and she was able to change her flight.

Originally, my brother-in-law wanted my sister to fly back on Monday where she would have arrived around the time of the attack.  I thank God everyday that the prices were too high for Monday or whatever the reason was that caused her not to book her flight back for Monday.  She was able to reschedule her flight for the next day since the Istanbul airport closed after the attack.

So my sister did make it back to Istanbul Thursday morning our time here in the States.  She said when she walked through the airport it was almost like nothing had happened as they had cleaned everything up so much.  This was kinda of a shock as before she left she was very nervous to have to walk through and see the damage that was caused by the attack.

Now I absolutely LOVE visiting Istanbul.  The people over there are so nice (even though I can’t understand most of the things they are saying).  I certainly can’t wait to go back.  With that said I do wish my sister and brother-in-law will one day be living in the States.  It really hard to have my sister half way around the world.  I also know it’s just the same for my brother-in-laws sister and parents, as it would be hard on them for him to move to the States, nonetheless….

So for the picture below I made based on all the tulips I always see when I visit so that’s what I think of what I think of Istanbul as one.  Over there they have this humongous park where they plant thousand and thousands of tulips of all different colors making different designs.  You can also always see the tulips or other flowers in designs as you drive on the highways.  I wish our city did stuff like that.

Tulips… When I visit my sister, brother in law and his family that's what I see all over the city of Istanbul! Istanbul is my sister's home with her husband and when I got the alert on my phone about the terrorist attack at the Istanbul airport Tuesday afternoon I was scared for my sister to go back…My mom and I had just dropped her off at the airport getting ready to fly back to see her home in Istanbul… I Thank God for the flight out to go to Houston was delayed where she was able to hear the news too and change her flight (sadly for me the next day)… But she was able to process what happened and come to terms with it while she talked to her husband and slept on it…I worry with the horrible things happening around the world.. It saddens me to hear the news… Though with that said I still and always will believe my brother in law will keep my sister safe… #prayforturkey #prayforistanbul #prayfortheworld #stopterrorism #stoptheviolence #stopthehate #tulips #tulipsofistanbul #istanbul #turkey #istanbulturkey #theletterchallenge #handdrawn #tombowdualbrushpens #craftyjbird #50words

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So that’s it for today. I truly hope you enjoyed my post.

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