You Did It

Wow! It’s Wednesday! Finally made it to the halfway point of the week. I’m ready for Saturday! We are going to an all day scrapbooking event. It’s an event we have participated in for the last five years and it gets better every year. Though that’s a post for another day. Anyways, since high school and college graduations are coming up within the next month I thought I would start with making a graduation card. Let’s get started with “You Did It….”

Things Used:

You Did It -- Visit for more info...

  • Canson Marker Paper
  • MOO Professional Eraser
  • Circle Maker
  • Black and Decker Laser
  • Tombow Dual Brush Pens
  • Sharpie Fine Tip Pen
  • Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip Pen
  • Faber-Castell Pencil
  • Photoshop Elements 13

Step #1:

You Did It -- Visit for more info...The first thing I did was use my circle maker to draw a perfectly rounded circle with my pencil.

Step #2:

You Did It -- Visit for more info...Then, using my pencil, with the circle degrees available on my circle maker, I made a mark on every other ten point.

Step #3:

You Did It -- Visit for more info...Next, I made squares with my gray sharpie fine tip pen around each of my marks around the circle. The marks then became the button on top of a graduation hat. Before continuing, I erased my circle to give it a cleaner look.

Drawing Supplies

Step #4:

You Did It -- Visit for more info...With my graduation hats finished and my circle erased, I used my Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip Pen to draw my rolled up diplomas. Then, with both my graduation hats and diplomas in place, I used my Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip Pen to create the tassels on my hats and used my Gray Sharpie Fine Tip Pen to give my diplomas ribbon.

Grammarly Writing Support

Step #5:

You Did It -- Visit for more info...One a new piece of Canson Marker Paper, I created another circle with my circle maker. Using my N79 Tombow Dual Brush Pen, I brush calligraphy out “You Did It.” I drew it within another circle so I would be sure it would fit perfectly within my hats and diplomas wreath.


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Step #6:

You Did It -- Visit for more info...Finally, I used my N15 Tombow Dual Brush Pen, to decorate within my letters. Once finished, I used “Apple AirDrop” to transfer all my pictures to my computer. Then, I used Photoshop Elements 13 to ‘erase’ the backgrounds leaving just the drawings. After finishing all the ‘erasing,’ I ‘added’ my saying to my wreath. Though it fit perfectly within my wreath, I decided to tilt it slightly.

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You Did It -- Visit for more info...There you go! A “You Did It” graduation wreath. Super simple to make! Though I plan on customizing all my wreaths accordingly to the school colors my friends and family members are graduating from, I though just using basic colors would work for today’s post.

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Have any questions about today’s “Write It Wednesday” “You Did It” post? Please feel free to comment below. Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again!

Crafty JBird

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