2018 New Years Goals

WOW! It’s already half way into the third week of the 2018 New Year! It’s crazy how time flies, right? I was going to post this last week but due to “Technical Difficulties” before heading to see my sister, I was unable to get it finished. Luckily our electricity didn’t go out yesterday/night due to the ‘Winter Wonderland” snow we had Monday night. It’s only once in a blue moon we get that much snow here in North Louisiana. Though our electricity stayed on, our pool pipes almost froze on us (EEEK!!). Anyways, as a ‘follow-up’ type post from last years “New Year Wishes,” today I thought I would share my “2018 New Years Goals” with the help of The Postman’s Knock by Lindsey Bugbee “Free Flourished Printable Goal Sheet.” So, let’s get started… Continue reading “2018 New Years Goals”

April Showers Brings May Flowers

Howdy, Wednesday! Hope everyone has a great day today! Yesterday was a long one for me. I was constantly checking the website for when my scores for my exam were posted. Finally, they were there and it looks like I will be giving it one more shot at the Science portion. I keep having to tell myself, it’s not the same science as my degree; because really it’s not. Anyways, let’s get started with “April Showers Brings May Flowers……” Continue reading “April Showers Brings May Flowers”

Scrapbooking Drawings

Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend! Saturday went way too fast and sadly I did not get that much finished. Oh well, at least I had a small break from studying. Be sure to check back tomorrow to hear about what we did Saturday. Anyways, since we are always scrapbooking and there aren’t really that many embellishments out there for a double page layout of our scrapbooking pictures, I decided I would draw them myself. So, let’s get started with “Scrapbooking Drawings…” Continue reading “Scrapbooking Drawings”

You Did It

Wow! It’s Wednesday! Finally made it to the halfway point of the week. I’m ready for Saturday! We are going to an all day scrapbooking event. It’s an event we have participated in for the last five years and it gets better every year. Though that’s a post for another day. Anyways, since high school and college graduations are coming up within the next month I thought I would start with making a graduation card. Let’s get started with “You Did It….” Continue reading “You Did It”