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Tired of drinking coffee but still want that caffeine kick? I have been drinking tea most of my life thanks to my mom. Growing up we didn’t even own a coffee maker. Technically we still don’t. I personally can’t even really stand the smell of coffee.  However, tea I think I could just smell it all day! It’s sorta like my Young Living Essential Oils. I guess that makes sense since they both come from plants.

Over the Years:

If you know my mom, she always had a cup of tea with her. Growing up, she drank mainly Earl Grey.  In 2004, when I lived in Ft. Lauderdale, FL; I was introduced to Teavana and loved it!  For her birthday that year, I got her the “Artisanal Brewing Collection Kit.” <– see below for link and $10 off code. For myself, I also purchased a starter kit. Oddly (or not so) my roommate at the time even seemed to like the tea; but I guess he was just odd like that. 😂

Teavana’s Artisanal Brewing Collection Kit:

Since I purchased my kits over 10 years ago, other than the teas I got, it came with the same things. So, the “Artisanal Brewing Collection Kit” these days includes:

“…[O]ur 16oz Perfectea Maker, 16 oz of Perfectea Rock Sugar, a Perfectea spoon, 4 exclusive airtight reusable tea tins, and 4 of our most popular teas (2 oz each):

1. Youthberry/Wild Orange
2. Maharaja Chai / Samurai Chai
3. Peach Tranquility
4. Jade Citrus Mint”(Artisanal Brew Collection Kit, Teavana.com)

Different Teas I Enjoy:

Since living in Ft. Lauderdale, I have collected their various types and flavors of teas. Some I mix together some I love by themselves. For example, I have some Snow Geisha White Tea but could never get it to taste right. Either I set the temperature too high or made it too low; or I let it steep too long or not quite long enough.
Teavana - Decorative Canister Teavana - Canister with Snow Geisha info Teavana - Canister with Honeybush Vanilla Herbal Tea showing Tea Leaves Teavana - Honeybush Vanilla Herbel Tea
Here are my stashes of Teavana’s Snow Geisha and Honeybush Vanilla as well as the recommended directions.

I finally decided to take my Honeybush Vanilla Herbal Tea and mixed it with the Snow Geisha, setting the temp and time for steeping based on the average. So for these two, Snow Geisha is 175*F for 2 minutes and Honeybush Vanilla is 205*F for 5 minutes. The average for that comes to be 190*F and 3.5 minutes. Comes out perfect every time!

Unfortunately, I just ran out of the Snow Geisha so it will be a while before I get some more. For me I like to rotate my teas and drink up what I have. Right now I have way too much cause I get carried away sometimes. I love their S’mores Oolong Tea and their Maharaja Chai / Samurai Chai mix. The S’mores Oolong Tea is a great tea to drink as an after dinner something sweet treat. Their Maharaja Chai / Samurai Chai mix is great anytime, me personally like to drink it in the mornings and early afternoons.

Teavana - S'mores Oolong Tea

Teavana.comHow to Make Tea:

Depending what ‘type’ of tea you are making, depends on the temperature and how long you allow the tea leaves to steep. Some say 1 minute others could be 5-6 minutes. When we go to our scrapbook retreats or know we are going to be gone for almost a week, I like to take and use Teavana’s “Perfect Tea Maker.” Here in the first picture, is some “Weight To Go!” steeping in the “Perfect Tea Maker. Next to it, is how it comes packaged if ordered from their website. <– see above for link and $10 off code good til December 31, 2016.

Teavana Tea Maker Teavana - Weight To Go Flavored Black Tea

Belgium Rock Sugar:

Teavana - Glass Canister with Belgium Rock Sugar Teavana - Belgium Rock Sugar

I LOVE this sugar! According to Teavana’s website, the Rock Sugar is:

Attractive and functional, this glass jar includes three pounds of our rock sugar.

These pure, unprocessed sugar crystals are the best way to enhance the natural sweetness of your tea without changing the flavor. Just add them to tea leaves as your tea steeps. Also perfect for sweetening other hot beverages. The clear, reusable glass jar has an etched Teavana logo and features an air-tight stainless steel screw-top lid. Made in Belgium.

So there you have it. Some of my favorite Teavana Teas. In some future posts I will be posting more about my Teavana Teas, so be sure to come back or better yet sign up for my post e-mails below.

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