Technical Difficulties

Okay so I was super excited about today’s “Write It Wednesday” post. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties I have to delay posting it. With that said, I’m going to go ahead and say “Scrap It Friday” post will be delayed also. I’ll skip “Make It Monday” and post next week like it was this weeks post for those two days. Hope that makes sense.

Countdown Continues…

Happy Write It Wednesday!!

Okay don’t lie, who’s ready for the Olympics to start already?!, I know I am! I certainly can’t wait till the opening ceremony. Hopefully I’ll get to watch most of it but I’ll record it just in case. Every four years I look forward to seeing the various teams compete against each other. So, if you saw my post from Make It Monday this week you would know the Countdown Continues. Continue reading “Countdown Continues…”

Birthday Week Continues

Write It Wednesday!

Since I’m celebrating my birthday all week, I thought I would make my first “Write It Wednesday” post based on the week so far…Starting on Father’s Day, almost every year this happens, the three or four (depending on if my sis is home) we go out to eat and then have one cake to celebrate Father’s Day and my Birthday. This year we got the cake from Cold Stone Creamery and it was AWESOME! I actually think it was better than Baskin Robbins, which is where we usually get our cakes from since we have a location across the street from our neighborhood. Let’s get started with “Birthday Week Continues…” Continue reading “Birthday Week Continues”