Countdown Continues…

Happy Write It Wednesday!!

Okay don’t lie, who’s ready for the Olympics to start already?!, I know I am! I certainly can’t wait till the opening ceremony. Hopefully I’ll get to watch most of it but I’ll record it just in case. Every four years I look forward to seeing the various teams compete against each other. So, if you saw my post from Make It Monday this week you would know the Countdown Continues.

Olympics Countdown Continues...

What are you looking forward to the most? Comment below! Me? I’m mainly looking forward to seeing the gymnastics, swimming, beach volleyball, and the horse riding events but there are a few others I’ll probably watch as time permits.

It amazes me how every four years when the summer Olympics happen, every country can get along great and it’s just about the fun and games. Though it’s not just the competitors, it’s the friends and families and everybody else who gets to attend and support their teams. Keep in mind here, I am talking directly about those who are competing and those watching those competitors, not those who don’t care to be there.
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So, since this is “Write It Wednesday,” here’s how I did my picture. For the ‘Olympic Rings,’ I used a couple of random objects here at the house to make the circles and then colored them in with Tombow Dual Brush Pens — first using the ‘skinny’ side to outline the circle then using the ‘brush’ side to color them in. For the ‘writing’ portion and specifically for the “Rio 2016,” I used my blending pad to blend blue and yellow.

First, I put the blue on the pad and then used the yellow to pick the blue color up; once I got enough I just wrote out what I wanted. Hope that makes sense if you haven’t done this before. I’ll try to do a video within the next few weeks. Once I uploaded the two pages into Photoshop Elements 13, I ‘erased’ the white area on the page with the ‘writing’ and then used the ‘Olympic rings’ for the background.

Alright well that’s it, short post for today. Hope you enjoyed. And be sure to let me know what events you are looking forward to!

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