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Since I’m celebrating my birthday all week, I thought I would make my first “Write It Wednesday” post based on the week so far…Starting on Father’s Day, almost every year this happens, the three or four (depending on if my sis is home) we go out to eat and then have one cake to celebrate Father’s Day and my Birthday. This year we got the cake from Cold Stone Creamery and it was AWESOME! I actually think it was better than Baskin Robbins, which is where we usually get our cakes from since we have a location across the street from our neighborhood. Let’s get started with “Birthday Week Continues…”


Birthday Week Continues -- Visit for more info...

On Monday, my birthday; my mom, sister, and I made it down to Houston, TX where we had my birthday lunch at the Aquarium Restaurant at Kemah Boardwalk. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed this visit. Though, I’m really not much of an alcoholic drinker, I do have certain drinks I will get at particular restaurants we go to from time to time. For some reason on this visit, they weren’t for some unknown reason about to make my favorite drink — Mudslide. Despite not being able to have my favorite drink, I did get my free dessert and still got to used my $25 birthday credit for being a Landry’s Club member.

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Tuesday:Birthday Week Continues -- Visit for more info... Birthday Week Continues -- Visit for more info...

Birthday Week Continues -- Visit for more info...

Tuesday, we went to la Madeleine for lunch.  I had a free dessert there and unfortunately, we don’t have one at home.  After our food settled and did a little shopping, we went to The Chocolate Bar.  We thought it might be sorta like the one we’ve been to in Dallas, TX. Unfortunately, it was basically a candy shop with a lot of chocolate option where you order at the register and take the food to the table with you. The one we’ve been to in Dallas, however; you order then sit and wait for your yummy chocolatey food to come out. Nonetheless, we each had a piece of cake (of which we brought parts back to the hotel to finish tomorrow) and we got a Chocolate Pizza made. We will probably eat it tomorrow since we are heading to Dallas on Thursday and will definitely melt in this heat.

Vera Bradley Designs, Inc.

“Write It Wednesday:”

Birthday Week Continues -- Visit for more info...

As you can see, the ideas for this creation is based on the various places we visited so far this week. I created the Aquarium An Underwater Dining Adventure based on how their sign is made. For la Madeleine and the chocolate bar, I did the same thing; based it on their signs.

Hilton Hotels

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