Retreat Water Bottles

Happy Monday y’all! Hope everyone is having an awesomeness four-day weekend! For those who aren’t so lucky, I’m sorry. Me? I’m heading back over to the Big D; of course, I’m most likely coming back home tomorrow since I’ve got my exam next week. Anyways, today I thought I would share something I have been very excited about and made before the scrapbook retreat we went on Father’s Day weekend. I didn’t want to share before since I didn’t want those going to see them until we were there. So, let’s get started with my “Retreat Water Bottles…” Continue reading “Retreat Water Bottles”

Teacher Dolphin Clipboard

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I’m lucky I actually know what day it is since I’ve been home and in Dallas three different times in the last week and it’s about a three hour drive each time. Anyways, since I’m on the verge of getting my teacher certification I decided to start some projects for my classroom. Let’s get started with my “Teacher Dolphin Clipboard…” Continue reading “Teacher Dolphin Clipboard”

Hair Growth Serum

Howdy Oily Thursday!

Hope everyone has a great day today! I literally just realized tomorrow is Good Friday which means a lot of y’all are off. Shockingly, my dad is even taking off for the day, which rarely happens since he forgets when he’s supposed to stop working. 😂 Anyways, today I am going to tell you about the “Hair Growth Serum” I made several months ago. Let’s get started…. Continue reading “Hair Growth Serum”

Eggs to Draw On

Howdy, Make It Monday!

Hope everyone had another great weekend! Any weekend I’m at a scrapbook retreat is great for me. I just wish they wouldn’t go so fast. Though, I guess the ‘real’ world awaits us, unfortunately. Anyways, today I have some plastic eggs I’m not sure why, but found in my stash of scrapbook supplies, so I thought I would draw on them. Let’s get started with “Eggs to Draw On….” Continue reading “Eggs to Draw On”

Sea Life Christmas Towels

Happy Make It Monday!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! It’s only 14 days til Christmas, so who’s ready!? I’ve gotta a few gifts wrapped. Unfortunately, I’ve also misplaced a box when two things in it for my mom and sis. I have looked everywhere for it and it is no where to be found. Hopefully it will show up before Christmas. Anyways, today I made some Christmas towels, and since I’ve crazy about the beach and sea life I’ve made them Sea Life Christmas Towels. Let’s get started… Continue reading “Sea Life Christmas Towels”