DIY Comfy Polka Dot Seat Cushion -- Visit for more info...

DIY Comfy Polka Dot Seat Cushion

Good Morning Monday!! Hope everyone had a great successful last weekend in January before heading into the second month of the 2018 year! As I mentioned on my “Scrap It Friday” post, we spent ours at a scrapbooking retreat. It was pretty successful as I managed to get quite a but finished. Anyways, a few weeks ago I made myself a cushion for my chair in my craft area since the  So, let’s get started with my “DIY Comfy Polka Dot Seat Cushion…” Continue reading “DIY Comfy Polka Dot Seat Cushion”

Mosaic Moments Frosty Winter

WOW! It’s Finally Friday! It has been one crazy week here in North Louisiana. It hardly ever snows here but when it does everything is basically shut down. As mentioned in this weeks “Write It Wednesday,” it snowed, and our pool pipes about froze on us. Not cool, not fun! Anyways, since it is winter and I happen to have snowy wintery pictures, I decided I’d show off “Mosaic Moments Frosty Winter” double page layout kit. So, let’s get started…. Continue reading “Mosaic Moments Frosty Winter”

Big Colorful New Year Wreath

Good Morning Monday!! Hope everyone had a great successful first weekend in this new 2018 year! Mine was spent backing my computer up so I could give it a fresh start so to speak. About once a year I like to back it up, wipe it out completely, and then reinstall so it’s like new again. I’ve learned over the years, makes them last a bit longer.  I’ll post a little more about that another day. Anyways, remember the Bandana Wreaths I created back in October? Well, I have a slightly new version to share with you. So, let’s get started with my “Big Colorful New Year Wreath…” Continue reading “Big Colorful New Year Wreath”

Mosaic Moments Dance of the Sugarplums

WOW! It’s Finally Friday!! I love Fridays just as much as anyone else since it means the Saints game is closer, but today, I love it even more since Monday is even closer. Though I know everyone dreads Mondays, I’m pretty sure most (at least kids or those at heart) are looking forward to it! Hope everyone has a great day, safe travels for those traveling, and a Very Merry Christmas! Today, I have another great scrapbook double page layout for all those Christmas pictures. So, let’s get started with “Mosaic Moments Dance of the Sugarplums…” Continue reading “Mosaic Moments Dance of the Sugarplums”

Merry Beachy Christmas Part 4

Happy Wednesday y’all! Hope everyone has a great day! We were suppose to be heading on to Dallas today but unfortunately things happen and so we are not. Hopefully my sis was able to get our reservations changed to another date and I still want to see the Zoo Lights.  Anyways, to continue my “Beachy Christmas” theme I have my final part to share with you. So, let’s get started with “Merry Beachy Christmas Part 4…” Continue reading “Merry Beachy Christmas Part 4”