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Do you suffer from Charlie Horses?  Have you tried bananas after banana or as some suggest pickle juice but nothing still seems to work?  I’ve suffered from Charlie Horses most of my life now.  Though I’ve gotten my levels tested and everything comes back fine.  Over the years, I’ve just learned to deal with the excruciating pain I go through every time I get one at night, just sitting watching TV, or driving down the road.

Though I’ve been using essential oils for over 10 years, it wasn’t until I started using Young Living Essential Oils in 2014 I finally got quick enough relief.  I remember the very first time I had to use Panaway.  I was living at my aunts in north Dallas, working for my cousins, and not a week after getting my starter kit in I woke up feeling the start of a Charlie horse.

Panaway Essential Oil:

Young Living Panaway Essential Oil Young Living V-6 Carrier OilAt first I was skeptical since at that point I had only used my lavender and peppermint.  However, before it got so bad I couldn’t move, I reached for my Panaway and V-6 Carrier Oil.  I put a couple drops of each in my hand and rubbed it on my leg calf.  No lie, within 2-3 seconds I had relief and I was back to sleep with 5 minutes.

The next night, I experimented by applying the mixture on before going to bed.  Though technically, I wouldn’t actually know if I would have had any as far as I’m concerned I didn’t and I slept all night long.  That next morning, I told my aunt about it, since I knew she got Charlie Horses too.  She was intrigued.  That week, we ordered or a kit so she could start using them for the benefits they provide.

Other things Panaway is great for includes, time of the month cramps, back issues, and neck stiffness.  Always be sure to dilute Panaway with a carrier oil, whether it’s V-6 or any of the individual carriers within the V-6.  For more information on Young Living’s V-6 Carrier Oil see my “Seasonal Issues” post here.

Deep Relief Roll-On:

Young Living Deep Relief Roll-On Essential OilDespite figuring out what to use for my Charlie Horses at night, I was still getting them during the day and while driving.  Now, at this time, I hadn’t gotten any empty rollers to make my own roller with Panaway and V-6 Carrier.  Therefore, while out and about driving or at work, I used my Deep Relief Roll-On for any Charlie Horse relief.

This came in handy as I remember shortly after, I was meeting my mom and sister at a wedding dress store for my sister to try on wedding dresses.  Right as I was pulling up to a red light, a really bad Charlie Horse appeared in my right ankle.  Luckily, I was able to grab my Deep Relief Roll-On, apply it to my ankle, and was good to go.

For more information on what the Deep Relief Roll-On is great for visit my previous post on “Managing After Hip Scope Surgery” here.

 Marjoram Essential Oil:

Young Living Marjoram Essential OilFast forward to early 2015, I found a lady here in town that had a Zyto Compass specific to Young Living.  A Zyto Compass is “[t]he original wellness scanner that provides individuals insights about their biological coherence to nutritional products, oils, and supplements” (Zyto Compass, 2016).

My end results told me that my body ‘needed’ the Marjoram Essential Oil as it told me to put a single drop into a capsule each morning.  Though it wasn’t specific on why I should take the capsule, when I looked it up, it said muscle spasms.  I was shocked!  Though there were a few other recommendations, but I don’t remember what they are at this time and can’t seem to find the printout or e-mail unfortunately.

Other things Marjoram is great for include various joint pains, a hurting head, and much more.

Needless to say, as soon as we got home, I made an order so I could start making capsules to take.  I still make and take a capsule each and every morning.  If I forget to take a capsule and get a Charlie Horse at any given point, I’ll either use my Panaway Oil diluted with the V-6 Carrier or my Deep Relief Roll-On and then make a capsule to take depending on the time of day/night.

IMG_1422-s(1) IMG_1417-s(1)For more information on how to make oil capsules visit my “Seasonal Issues” post here.  For the Charlie Horses capsule allow only one drop into the capsule.  If you are new and your body isn’t use to essential oils, make sure to add a few drops of a carrier oil.

So there you go, several ways you can get relief from your Charlie Horses.  For more information on ordering visit my personal Young Living website here.  Thank you for visiting.  Hope to see you back here again.  If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me and I will try to answer as quickly as possible.

**As with anything, over the counter medicines and/or prescription, a specific essential oil may work great for me but not so much for you. These are recommendations, as it is a trial and error type process to find what works best for you.**

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