National Oceans Month

It’s Wednesday! Hope everyone has a great day! Also, hope everyone had a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend this past weekend. Me? I actually got in the pool and relaxed for the first time in I don’t know how long. Anyways, did you know… June is “National Oceans Month?” Well, it is so I thought I would put together a little something for it. So, let’s get started with “National Oceans Month..” Continue reading “National Oceans Month”

Pens, Pens, and More Pens

It’s Wednesday! Hope everyone has a great day! I’ve been up for a while now so that I could get on the treadmill this morning before taking my dad to an appointment. Anyways, I had been trying to find just the right time to share this, and since a few weeks ago I got something sorta unexpected in the mail, I decided this was the best time. So, let’s get started with “Pens, Pens, and More Pens..” Continue reading “Pens, Pens, and More Pens”

Happy Pi Day

“Happy Pi Day” y’all! Hope everyone has a great day. Is it me or has the last several days gone by super fast thanks to the time change we had Sunday? Anyways, since its National Pi Day I thought I would create something to go with the theme, so let’s get started with “Happy Pi Day… Continue reading “Happy Pi Day”

Umbrella Drawing

Howdy Tuesday! Please treat me right today and give me awesome great news! Hope everyone has a great day today. I will possibly be getting my scores back from my exam I took Friday so fingers crossed! Anyways, today I thought I would do a drawing to go with another project I am doing this week. So, let’s get started with “Umbrella Drawing…” Continue reading “Umbrella Drawing”