Happy Fourth of July

It’s Tuesday and the 4th of July! Hope everyone has a fun and exciting but safe day! I’m spending the morning here in the Big D and then heading home this afternoon so I can get back to studying for my exam I have in less than a week now. šŸ˜§ At least that is the plan as I am typing this. Anyways, since it’s the 4th of July I wanted to do something else fun for today’s post even though I did something last week. So, let’s get started with “Happy Fourth of July…”

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Birthday Weekend

Wow! What a weekend! Hope everyone had a great one! We finally got back from the Big D late yesterday but I still managed to get my 10,000 steps which I definately need given the weekend. Since today would technically be the last day of my “Birthday Week,” I thought I would share what we did over the weekend. Let’s get started with “Birthday Weekend….”

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Birthday Week!

WOOOO HOOO!! It’s officially been a YEAR since I started this blog! I cannot believe it’s been a full year now! It also happens to be my birthday! Between the first and second week of June I am still trying to catch up on sleep. Of course, I knew I wouldn’t get much sleep at the scrapbooking retreat we went to starting last Wednesday through Father’s Day. Anyways, given it’s my birthday week for myself and blog, I thought I would try and keep my theme this week. So, let’s get started with “Birthday Week!…”

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Cafe Istanbul

Happy Tuesday y’all! Hope everyone has a great day! It has been quit a week driving back and forth between home and Dallas. I can’t believe we are heading to Tyler this week for our scrapbook retreat and I’m super excited to hopefully get a lot finished but I guess we will see as I may end up catching up on sleep. Anyways, last Saturday we had lunch at one of my favorite resturants in the Dallas area as part of my Birthday month so I thought I would tell y’all about this place. Let’s get started with “Cafe Istanbul….” Continue reading “Cafe Istanbul”