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Gracie Baby Update

It’s Tuesday y’all! Hope everyone had a very Merry, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! For those still heading to see family or heading home, be safe. Our Christmas was a pretty successful exiting day. For New Year’s Eve, my brother-in-law and I played Madden 18 on my PS4 until the Saints game. Then before they left New Year’s Day, we played some more until lunch was ready.  Anyways, I decided to make this a quick and short post by letting those interested how my Gracie Baby is doing. So, let’s get started with “Gracie Baby Update…” Continue reading “Gracie Baby Update”

Puzzle 2 Puzzle

Happy Tuesday! Only a couple more weeks until Christmas! Hope everyone is ready or close to being ready. I’m getting closer to being ready since I managed to get two gifts wrapped yesterday. Anyways, back at the beginning of November my parents, sister, and I went Oklahoma to stay in a cabin for a week. Since it managed to rain a few days l decided to work on a puzzle I found in the cabin. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to finish it but decided to order it when we got home. So, let’s get started with “Puzzle 2 Puzzle…” Continue reading “Puzzle 2 Puzzle”

Hallmark Christmas Movies Galore

It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas Y’all!! Now that Thanksgiving is over, we can finally begin to put out Christmas decorations up, play Christmas music, and watch (more) Christmas movies. Since I’m at my parents – still waiting to get moved to Dallas – I’m letting them do most of the decorations and spending my time watching my all time favorite Christmas Movie Channel.  So, let’s get started with “Hallmark Christmas Movies Galore…” Continue reading “Hallmark Christmas Movies Galore”

Don’t Get Caught in Chester’s Web – Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Hope everyone has a very spooktacular day! I have been super excited about this post and was determined to finish it. Just for a heads up, there will be no post on this Thursday and most likely next week. My Gracie Baby (cat for those who don’t know) is very sick and isn’t doing too great. I want to be sure to spend as much time as possible with her, so I’m going to take the rest of this week and possibly next week off. Anyways, continue reading to find out why I’m super excited about this post and we will get started with “Don’t Get Caught in Chester’s Web – Happy Halloween…” Continue reading “Don’t Get Caught in Chester’s Web – Happy Halloween”

How I Doubled My Juicing Content in Less Time

We’ve made it to the third week of October with only a couple more weeks to go before it’s time to play dress up for Halloween. Anyways, for my birthday my sister got me a new juicer since I had been using mine so much it wasn’t working as well as it did when I first got it. Not only is my new one a better name brand, but it also allows me to make my juices easier, faster, and so much more at once than with my first one. So, let’s get started with my “How I Doubled My Juicing Content in Less Time…” Continue reading “How I Doubled My Juicing Content in Less Time”