Schools Out

Well, it’s Wednesday yet again! Tomorrow I’ll be heading over to Texas to get ready for my exam on Friday morning. This week is just flying by…NOT COOL! Anyways, I thought I would keep it simple considering so being that last week and this week is the end of the school year around here I decided to base it on school getting out. Let’s get started with “Schools Out….” Continue reading “Schools Out”

Cinco de Mayo

Hello, Wednesday! We’ve met again. Only a couple more days until the weekend and May 5th — AKA Cinco de Mayo! I guess for most it’s a good thing it’s on a Friday! 😂 Anyways, to continue my theme for this week, I have designed a saying for another project of which, I’m sure y’all know what will be. Let’s get started with “Cinco de Mayo….” Continue reading “Cinco de Mayo”

Changes Coming Soon

Helloooo Write It Wednesday!!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! Aren’t you glad it’s finally Wednesday! So, I am hoping to make some changes to my site here soon. As soon as I can figure out how to actually do it, I’ll start working on it. No fear, you will probably see the changes come gradually over a about a week, depending on how easy it is for me. Today, I have a few of the starting of the changes coming soon I decided I would share with you. Let’s get started.. Continue reading “Changes Coming Soon”