Louisiana versus Texas Teaching

Howdy Tuesday! Hope everyone had a great day yesterday and has another great day today! Considering the weekend I had, yesterday was quite productive for me. Of course, it helps when someone else is here to take care of the animals and I don’t have to get up every five minutes due to one or the other getting sick. Anyways, today I decided to share of why I decided to get my teaching certification in Texas instead here in my home state Louisiana. Let’s get started with “Louisiana versus Texas Teaching….” Continue reading “Louisiana versus Texas Teaching”

Sea Life Christmas Towels

Happy Make It Monday!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! It’s only 14 days til Christmas, so who’s ready!? I’ve gotta a few gifts wrapped. Unfortunately, I’ve also misplaced a box when two things in it for my mom and sis. I have looked everywhere for it and it is no where to be found. Hopefully it will show up before Christmas. Anyways, today I made some Christmas towels, and since I’ve crazy about the beach and sea life I’ve made them Sea Life Christmas Towels. Let’s get started… Continue reading “Sea Life Christmas Towels”

Best Friends Forever

Oh Scrap It Friday….

Why are you here already?! Yes, I am sad it’s already but only because it’s another day closer to me leaving my beach. Which also means another day closer to the scrapbook retreat my mom and I are attending being over. On a good note, it will be on day closer to us being in New Orleans! Certainly cannot be 45 minutes away and not have some yummy beignets! Anyway, since yesterday was my best friends birthday, I thought I would put together a double page to place a few pictures of us from over the years. We have been my best friends forever, as in since preschool. Let’s get started!… Continue reading “Best Friends Forever”

Word Cloud

Happy Make It Monday!

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! I rearranged my room upstairs and worked on organizing my work area for where I make all my creations. Anyways, today I have been working on a “Word Collage” I wanted to make for one of my aunts. I wasn’t quite sure if it would come out very well but considering its my first, I think it came out pretty good.

Let’s get started…

Continue reading “Word Cloud”