Whale Bag

It’s Make It Monday!!

Hope everyone had a great awesome weekend! I know it was pretty dar n cold for most parts of the south here. Unfortunately for my area, it got super cold without the snow. 😟 I mean really, if it’s gonna get that cold just go ahead and give us some snow, ice, anything but just super cold temperatures! Anyways, despite the cold I decided today I would make my mom a new whale bag. She’s been using hers so much it’s just looks pathetic now. 😂 Let’s get started… Continue reading “Whale Bag”

Writing on Black

Howdy Write It Wednesday!

So, if you saw Monday’s Make It Monday post you would have seen I have an envelope with a card that needs to be addressed. Since I only seemed to have one white pen, I went and got me one more pen yesterday that would show up when writing on black cardstock. First, I’ll show you the difference in the two pens. Finally, I’ll write an address on my envelope. This address is my old Florida address though when we moved out on our terms, the complex was being bought out and changed into condos so I’m pretty sure that address doesn’t particular exist anymore. Let’s get started… Continue reading “Writing on Black”

Oily Ornaments

Howdy Oily Thursday!!

It’s almost Friday which means this week we are one day closer to Christmas!! Ready or not it’s coming! For those traveling already, safe travels! Alright so Monday I showed how t make some Beach Ornaments, today I’m going to make some bath salt oily ornaments for relaxing; which I’m sure we will all need once everything is all said and done for this Christmas season. Let’s get started… Continue reading “Oily Ornaments”

Beach Ornaments

Make It Monday Once Again!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I did! Friday night we went to a close by city to see the Christmas Lights and Saturday night we had a Christmas party. Needless to say, I’m exhausted! Truthfully, I almost decided to take a 2 week break and start back up in the new year; but then I was like NAY! I can do this! 🙂 Anyways, this week even though it’s the last week before Christmas, I have mainly beachy things I’m do (go figure huh). Today, I’ve put together some cute Beach Ornaments, so let’s get started… Continue reading “Beach Ornaments”