Howdy Tuesday! Hope everyone had a productive day yesterday! I managed to get more than expected done so I’m feeling good. Today, I’ve got something that can help be more productive if you’re like me, always wanting to be as organized as possible. Let’s get started with “iMindMap….” Continue reading “iMindMap”

Mosaic Moments Study Time

Happy Scrap It Friday!

It’s finally Friday! How many of y’all said that this morning? I know I did not! This time next week I’ll be packing for the scrapbook retreat my mom and I are going to the following week. It certainly would be nice to have a couple more days than what I have until I take my big test. On that note, today I am sharing a double page layout kit by Mosaic Moments but I put it together last summer. Since I’m running out of time for studying and I’m too determined to not actually miss a post, I decided to make today’s a quick one. Let’s get started with “Mosaic Moments Study Time….”

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Study Schedules

Oh Random Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday y’all and happy second day of Spring! Shockingly, it actually feels like spring here in north Louisiana compared to last year when it was so cold; I was wearing fleece under my clothes for work. Of course, I worked at the zoo and had to be there by at 7 am. These days, if I actually went anywhere I would probably be wearing  Anyways, today I’m sharing my “Study Schedules” I created while still in school and how I’ve utilized them for studying for my test I have in a week and a half. Let’s get started…. Continue reading “Study Schedules”

iPad Traceability

Happy Random Tuesday!

Hope everyone has a fantastic day and a Happy Valentine’s Day! For the last couple of weeks, I’ve told you about little secrets on the iPhones so this week I wanted to tell you a little secret about the iPads. Some of y’all may already know, but I just found this at the end of last year, and I’m pretty good when it comes to electronics. Let’s get started with “iPad Traceability…” Continue reading “iPad Traceability”