The Rope Climbing Crew

Oh NO Friday! Well, I guess I am either getting ready or taking my exam as you are having the pleasure of reading this. I had planned on another double page layout but I was going through one of my mom’s scrapbooks she just finished from out cruise in 2015 and decided to go with something she had put together. So, let’s get started with “The Rope Climbing Crew….”

Things Used:

  • Mom’s Scrapbook Double Page

Mom says she doesn’t remember which kit company this double page layout is from but she thinks it is a ‘Treasure Box’ layout. If you haven’t seen their layouts you should. They are the cutest once finished but they do take a bit longer than Mosaic Moments. I use to be a member but stopped when I moved to Mississippi in 2010. Once I make more I hope to start back up again.

What is ‘Treasure Box?’ They are a page kit monthly club. Basically, you pay roughly $20 (what is was when I was a member) a month for three double page layouts. The kits come with EVERYTHING except adhesive you need to put the pages together.

Left Side #1:

The Rope Climbing Crew -- Visit for more info...

“The Rope Climbing Crew!” Love IT! So yeah, I was flipping through my mom’s scrapbook she just finished from our cruise and came across this page that I decided I just had to share since it gave me the biggest laugh, which I definitely needed.  Why did I laugh? Keep reading…

Left Side #2: The Rope Climbing Crew -- Visit for more info...

Okay so, this is what my mom wrote as her journaling for this double page layout. She didn’t even mean to put it since when I read it to her it dawned on her.

At sea! With an endless blue sky! and, a few “birds” overhead!

I added the quotation marks around “birds.” Get it?! And yes, pun intended. Read on to find out why!

Left Side #3:

The Rope Climbing Crew -- Visit for more info...

I am LOVING these sand dollars! Are they NOT the cutest things ever?! Don’t be surprised if you see some drawings sometime in the next few months.

Right Side #1:

The Rope Climbing Crew -- Visit for more info...

Nope! This is not the ‘bird’ I am talking about being overhead, but isn’t he cute?

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‘Birds’ Overhead:

The Rope Climbing Crew -- Visit for more info...Here is the left side of the double page layout “The Rope Climbing Crew” put together. (Yes, I blurred out all the faces on this double page layout except for mine.)

The Rope Climbing Crew -- Visit for more info...And, here is the right side of “The Rope Climbing Crew” double page layout. Get it now? “Birds overhead!”

(Our last name is BIRD and we are up on the rope course on the cruise ship!)

The Rope Climbing Crew -- Visit for more info...

And there you go, “The Rope Climbing Crew.” Really hope you enjoyed! Need pictures printed but don’t have time or access to the right printer? Visit Snapfish for all your picture needs. You can even use their website for storing all your photos and sorting them in albums so you know what is what. Also, don’t forget to go through ebates for a 10% cash back for Snapfish and other various stores.

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Have any questions about today’s “Scrap It Friday” “The Rope Climbing Crew” double page layout? Please feel free to comment below. Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again!

Crafty JBird

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