Hearts of Luck Clover Bag

Happy Happy Make It Monday!

Hope everyone had a great productive or relaxing weekend! Did y’all enjoy losing the hour as much as I did? Despite setting my alarm to go off twice plus my cat, I still didn’t manage to get up at the time I wanted to yesterday morning. Fortunately for me, except for when I have had surgeries, I have never slept past 8 am. Other than the time changing issue, I was either studying, walking on the treadmill, or sleeping for the most part. Anyways, remember the 4-leaf clover I hand drew a couple weeks ago? Well, I have another project I made with it and I think it’s super cute. Shh…I plan on giving it to one of my cousins. She’s like me with my dolphins, loves clovers. Let’s get started with “Hearts of Luck Clover Bag…” Continue reading “Hearts of Luck Clover Bag”

Happy Mardi Gras

Finally Scrap It Friday!

We’ve made it through yet another week. Everything in the last few weeks have happened so quickly, it’s crazy. Today I wanted to show off a double page layout I did a few years ago at a scrapbook retreat with some pictures I took at the Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans, LA we went to in 2004. This particular Mardi Gras parade ended up super special since it was the last we attended before my mom’s stroke. Let’s get started with Happy Mardi Gras… Continue reading “Happy Mardi Gras”

Whale Bag

It’s Make It Monday!!

Hope everyone had a great awesome weekend! I know it was pretty dar n cold for most parts of the south here. Unfortunately for my area, it got super cold without the snow. 😟 I mean really, if it’s gonna get that cold just go ahead and give us some snow, ice, anything but just super cold temperatures! Anyways, despite the cold I decided today I would make my mom a new whale bag. She’s been using hers so much it’s just looks pathetic now. 😂 Let’s get started… Continue reading “Whale Bag”

Hot/Cold Pack

Happy Make It Monday Y’all!

So, my project for today took a bit longer to make than expected and I almost just called it quits because I got so frustrated with it. However, I still made it I just had to use a different method to do so. Today I made a Hot/Cold Pack for when I need something on my hip these days and for other days my head or anything else you may need one. Let’s get started… Continue reading “Hot/Cold Pack”