Summer 2017 has Officially Ended

It’s October 3rd, and I’m finally BACK!! Hope y’all didn’t miss me too much during the rest of your summer break! I certainly missed putting my posts together. Unfortunately, various events kept me away a bit longer than expected. Anyways, let’s get started with “Summer 2017 has Officially Ended…”

So, let’s see, I decided to stop for a while back in July, and it is now October. As I said above, I wanted to come back sooner but couldn’t unfortunately. However, I have many posts lined up and hope you enjoy them all. Since July, I have been here at my parents home taking care of the house and anything my dad needed help with; while my mom was visiting my sister and helping her.

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Major Appliances Breakdown:

After a weekend when they came home to visit for the weekend, the dishwasher, washing machine, and air conditioning went out all at the same time (or at least the same week). That was TONS of fun! We had to ‘move’ downstairs where the air conditioners did work, and it took me several days to get all the dishes washed by hand since all four of us were home using them.

Summer 2017 has Officially Ended -- Visit for more info... Summer 2017 has Officially Ended -- Visit for more info...

Since most of the summer it’s been just my dad and me, so we didn’t use that many dishes. I live on shakes and juicing so I use the same cup for several days. Of course, Alex, the bird, goes through his dishes more than anything but, nonetheless; hand washing when you’ve got a million and one other things to do, not fun! Finally, during the Labor Day Sale, we purchased a new dishwasher.

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Anyways, when the upstairs air conditioning decided to go out that same week, we ‘moved’ downstairs to sleep. Since I hadn’t had an actual vacation, I decided to stay downstairs for a couple more weeks. Though it wasn’t much, the bed downstairs seemed more comfortable. It was also nice to have quick access to the treadmill in the mornings.

Summer 2017 has Officially Ended -- Visit for more info...

As for the washing machine, it took a bit to figure out the issue after noticing it was filling up with water for no reason. After unplugging it, waiting about 30 minutes or so, and plugging back in, it finally decided to stop filling up with water. Though we aren’t completely sure what caused it to fill up with water, it’s been working great since with no problems. Click here to see a short video I took showing where the water was coming out from to fill up the washer.

Science Portion of PACT Exam:

Summer 2017 has Officially Ended -- Visit for more info...

Back in July where I left off, I was getting ready to take the Science portion of the PACT exam so I could continue with the teaching certification program I was trying to get into to start teaching in North Dallas area. Well, you know what they say, third times a charm!

After studying for hours and hours for this portion of the exam during the weeks before and more the day before, I was pretty confident I still didn’t pass it. My first two times the questions seemed to be extremely hard, but I had noticed the questions on the second time was more or less the same than the first time. Oddly enough, on the third time, I had questions I hadn’t even studied for making this time the hardest.

Sadly, waiting for my scores threw me for a loop since I took my test on a Monday but didn’t get them until the end of the following week. The times before I got them two-three days after my exam even after being notified we wouldn’t get our score on my first time for two weeks.

So, I finally passed it. My theory — the first two times I took it the questions were too easy they made me over think since my degrees are science-based. My third attempt, I had questions that weren’t particularly hard but hard enough, so I didn’t end up over thinking the answers. (Hope that makes sense). Once I finally got my scores in and emailed to the program director, I got admitted to the program and finally started the seminars.

Teaching Certification Program:

Summer 2017 has Officially Ended -- Visit for more info... Summer 2017 has Officially Ended -- Visit for more info... Summer 2017 has Officially Ended -- Visit for more info...

Despite all the chaos of things breaking down in the house, I somehow managed to keep up with my teaching program. Between the two textbooks, videos, and the endless required readings I’ve printed out so I could highlight. No worries, I printed double-sided and fast draft as it’s the only setting I ever use when printing unless it’s pictures of course.

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Shockingly, I am finally getting ready to move back to the North Dallas area. I thought this day would never come since events caused my mom to have to stay longer in Dallas with my sister; which meant me staying here longer to take care of the house. All I have to do now is finish my classroom observations and get the teaching position I want. Easy peasy right?! Let’s hope so, I’m ready to get going on this teaching path.

Alright, there you go, “Summer 2017 has Officially Ended,” Fall is here and the Holidays are coming. Hope you enjoyed! Now it’s your turn. Comment below with what you did over the summer break. Have a great and Happy October! Thanks for visiting!

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