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Hope everyone had a great Monday! Alright so, earlier this year Pokemon was popular and I guess probably still is just don’t hear so much about it anymore. I tried to play it but just wasn’t that into it. Maybe I’ll try again one of these days when my hip is fixed once again. Over 10 years ago a thinking using your brain game named Sudoku seemed to be fairly popular, so I thought I would share a little about this use to be popular game. Let’s get started..


History of..

Sudoku -- Visit for more info... It wasn’t until 2012 when I was introduced to this game and I still have my book of games I started that summer. During the last 3-4 months I have been working more on them since I randomly found the book and got distracted. Some are definitely harder than others. Sometimes I get frustrated where I have to put it away and come back to it. It’s by Michael Rios and is the “Green Belt Sudoku: Martial Arts Sudoku Not-So Easy – 300 Puzzles” version.

According to Rios description of it on the back these games were “created in the United States” and “were originally called Number Place puzzles.” Due to the “recent rise in popularity began in Japan, […] the name translated as Sudoku.”

Rios also stated that the book series “indicated the skill level necessary to complete each Sudoku book in this series in the same way Japanese karate levels are ranked: by different colored belts.” At the end of his description on the back of the book he states “[t]he Green Belt volume [is] ideal for anyone who wants to move beyond the easiest puzzle [and] [i]t’s impossible to complete one Sudoku at a time, because they’re habit-forming.

How to…

The rules are simple where you are filling in numbers 1 through 9. There 9 big blocks that are made up of 9 smaller blocks. Going across as well as down there are 9 blocks. Within each row going across and down as well as within the big blocks you fill in the numbers without them repeating.

Rios states under the “Introduction” section that “all you need to know is this one simple rule:

Fill in the boxes so that each of the nine rows, each of the nine columns, and each of the nine 3×3 sections contain all the numbers from 1 to 9.”

Rios continues on with examples of what the puzzles look like using the alphabet on the outside of the puzzle but until now I actually never read it, I just started filling in the puzzles.

Sudoku -- Visit for more info... Here is an example of one of the hardest ones I have come across so far in the puzzle book.

Easy-Medium SudokuFor the very next puzzle after the one above is what the easy ones look like.

They are both very different as you can see, for some I have to write out the possibilities and for others I just fill the puzzle out.

Your Turn

After several days of getting it right I finally was able to create my own puzzles to share. I have two. One is easy to medium. The second one is a bit harder. It actually took me several long days to finish it even though I created it. I wanted to be sure it was possible and it is possible; it will just take some time if you don’t do the really hard ones.

Click here for Puzzle #1.

Click here for Puzzle #2.

To receive the answers to the two puzzles, sign up for my blog emails as well as follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Once you have done those three things, comment either on Facebook or Instagram with “send me the answers” and I’ll send you the answers for the puzzles. Oh — and no cheating!! 😊

There you go! Something to work your brain now. Hope you enjoyed!

Have any questions about today’s post? Please feel free to comment below and I’ll respond back as soon as possible! Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again!

Crafty JBird


Rios, Michael. Green Belt Sudoku: Martial Arts Sudoku Not-So Easy – 300 Puzzles. Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. 2005.


Something totally random for today! Okay so my sister is flying back to Turkey tomorrow for a few weeks. We are in Dallas to take her to the airport tomorrow. Earlier when I went to put the blind down on the window I became very disturbed by the photo on the blind. Then I looked around and notice the photo hanging above the beds. Double disturbing and we’re staying in a Hilton. 🤐😲😳

I just thought I had to share! Sorry about the glare in the second one.

Sudoku -- Visit for more info... Sudoku -- Visit for more info...

Okay that’s it! Comment below! 🙂

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