Snap ‘N Crop Football

It’s Scrap It Friday!!

Who’s ready for some football?! Last weekend neither one of my teams got to play. One was on BYE week while the other got cancelled due to Hurricane Matthew. Anyways, you have probably guessed by the title, Snap ‘N Crop Football, what I will be showing you today. Let’s get started… 

Snap ‘N Crop Football

In the wake of Mike the Tiger passing away due to his cancer and it being the middle of football season, I decided to go ahead and show this double page off. I already have some pictures I want to use in mind, just haven’t gotten them printed out yet. Hope you enjoy!

Things You’ll Need:

Snap 'N Crop Football -- Visit for more info...

  • Mosaic Moments “Touchdown” Page Kit
  • Adhesive

Step #1:

Snap 'N Crop Football -- Visit for more info...Like all my other pages, I like to put place all my pieces out to see what size pieces I am dealing with. Then I like to add the smallest pieces on first. For this particular page as you can see, there aren’t any really small pieces so I started with the 2 by 3s first.
Better hurry and make your order today! Offer ends soon!

Step #2:

Snap 'N Crop Football -- Visit for more info...Once the smallest pieces are in place, I added the next sizes up. In this case, everything is in place except for the middle pieces.

Step #3:

Snap 'N Crop Football -- Visit for more info...Finally I added the middle pieces once I was able to get the layers of those together. My adhesive didn’t want to cooperate very well.

And there you go, a quick page that could be easily finished at wherever you scrapbook. Need pictures printed but don’t have time or access to the right printer? Visit Snapfish for all your picture needs. You can even use their website for storing all your photos and sorting them in albums so you know what is what. Also, don’t forget to go through eBates for a 10% cash back for Snapfish and other various stores.

Have any questions about today’s “Snap ‘N Crop”/”Mosaic Moments” double page layout? Please feel free to comment below and I’ll respond back as soon as possible! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed and  to see you again!

Crafty JBird

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