Ready For Some Football

Random Tuesday Once Again!

Ready For Some Football!

I cannot wait til Thursday!! Who else is ready for some Football?! Thursday is the New Orleans Saints first pre-season game.

I didn’t actually become a big fan til I moved to Long Beach, MS for my second bachelors degree. I wanted something to watch other than my regular television shows so I could make myself take a break from studying; as I found myself always studying and not really taking any breaks. So ever since I haven’t missed watching a game unless I absolutely had no choice.

When I drove back to my beach apartment on Sundays from home, I listened to it on SAT radio and would still make it back in time for see the second half. When I lived in Dallas with my aunt and uncle, my aunt would (shame shame lol) watch the Dallas Cowboys on the T.V., while I had my computer on the DirecTV website watching the New Orleans Saints.


Even while I was working at the zoo, before I made it where I got home in time to watch the game, I watched it on my phone while working (they were flexible). A few times I left the house when my mother’s iPad in place so I could FaceTime her and watch it ‘live’ that way. One way or another I made it work so I could watch their games. And yes, I even watched them while I was in Turkey staying up til 2am to stream it live.

So I am definitely ready for some football! Nothing will stop me from watching my NOLA Saints.

Comment below and tell me what team you are rooting for this season!

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Cabbage Soup Final Update

Alright, so as I stated in my previous posts about the cabbage soup diet, I went to Dallas this past weekend so I could take my brother-in-law over after he flew in from Turkey. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to ‘stick’ to the last day. Well I was all ready except after getting on the road, I left my container of veggies. I tried staying on track still though when they decided to eat lunch at P.F. Chang’s by having a small portion of their Shrimp Fried Rice (light on the sauce).

I didn’t end up eating any of the soup so I’m not really sure if they made a difference. I figured if anything, I had made up for that the day before when I lost count on how much soup I had eaten. Saturday night we went to a movie at the Studio Movie Grill and I got some edamame with sea salt since that was the only thing I saw that qualified as a veggie. Sadly, I had a Mudslide too which probably didn’t help. You’ve got temptations everywhere so you have to choose what you are going to indulge in. I do not drink those often by any means so I treated myself despite.

Monday morning when I weighed myself I had only gained a pound from what I had been before leaving. This morning I was pretty happy with losing more considering everything. The key to success is Don’t Give Up! You have to want it bad enough to make the good choices to continue. Over all last week I actually didn’t workout exactly so if you workout or get at least 10,000 steps a day you would probably lose more than I did this go around.

Gaiam Live Fit

Everywhere I read it says if you want to repeat this diet sooner rather than later, wait two weeks. I will probably do it again before or after Thanksgiving; if not then after the New Year. As for now, I am drinking Slim Fast 20 Protein Shakes and eating their snacks. I’m also using MyFitnessPal (until planner completely ready to be used) to log everything I eat and drink.

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