How Grace Is Doing These Days

It’s Tuesday y’all! Hope everyone had a great weekend and made it through all those storms going around the country here in the States. Here, there seems to be a pattern where we have had a severe storm every Friday for the last several weeks. And coming again this weekend we supposedly have yet another storm – though they say it will be Saturday instead of Friday; we shall see. Anyways, since it’s been awhile, I thought I would give an update on how Gracie Baby was doing. So, let’s get started with “How Grace Is Doing These Days…”

Majority of the photos in this post are from the Gracie Baby‘s Facebook page I made back in 2014 when she broke her ankle and became a tripawd. For future update follow her on Facebook.

Weight Update:

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If you’ve read my previous update posts on Gracie Baby since she got sick in October, you would know she weighed 6.1 lbs after her diagnosis. Before she got sick, she weighed 8.9 lbs, of which her doc said she was overweight since she was 3-legged. Well, as of April 2 she weighed 7.14; so, she has officially gained a whole pound! May not seem much to you and me, but for an animal like her, it’s a lot; especially considering.


If you read my “Happy National Pets Day” post last “Write It Wednesday,” you know Gracie Baby loves her twisties. Though she doesn’t ‘fetch’ as she used to when we lived in Florida and Mississippi, she started a few weeks ago playing with a twistie she found laying around here in my craft room. For someone who I thought I was going to bury seven months ago, she sure does have a lot of energy.

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Walk to Starbucks:

Probably like most of y’all around the country here in the States, it’s been hard to imagine it was so nice outside at the beginning of March and then for the last few mornings it’s been in the 30’s. Gracie Baby and I took a nice little walk up to Starbucks (it’s less than a mile) to grab myself and my mom a drink. I took some pictures on the way there, and as we got closer back to the house, my mom and Dixie were outside walking and taking pictures of us.

Don’t Know Why, But She Loves Her Biscuits:

How Grace Is Doing These Days -- Visit for more info... How Grace Is Doing These Days -- Visit for more info... How Grace Is Doing These Days -- Visit for more info...

I know it’s a little odd, however, for some unknown reason these days Gracie Baby seems to love her some biscuits. So, at night my mom makes them to go with their dinner; I grab one and share it with Grace. Then, about once a week, I make some of those Junior Biscuits and share them with Grace. By the time they are all gone, she’s had the majority of them, and I’m left trying to find something else to eat.

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There you go. My supposed ‘quick’ update on Gracie baby. Hope you enjoyed! If you would like to keep up with how she’s doing from this day forward, check out her Facebook page. Click here for Gracie Baby‘s Facebook page.

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Have any questions about today’s “Random Tuesday” “How Grace Is Doing These Days?” Please feel free to comment below. Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again!

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