Final Pet GPS

It’s Random Tuesday!

Hope everyone had a great Monday! I finished packing and took my Gracie Baby to be boarded at our vet. She wasn’t too happy for the car ride over but she survived as usually. Always, today I actually wanted to tell you about the third and hopefully final Pet GPS I have gotten for her. Third times a charm right?! Let’s get started…

Final Pet GPS

About Whistle:

                                                    Final Pet GPS -- Visit for more info...   Final Pet GPS -- Visit for more info...

The Whistle GPS, according to the company’s product page on, “attaches to your dog’s existing collar allowing you to locate your pet in real-time if they ever get lost, and monitors activity and behavior so you always know they are happy and healthy. Receive an alert if your pet ever leaves its designated Whistle zone, and use the all-in-one mobile app to check your pet’s location or track their activity from wherever you are.”

What I Love:

Final Pet GPS -- Visit for more info... Final Pet GPS -- Visit for more info...

I purchased the Whistle about a month ago. So far I have loved it!! It’s only about $6.00 a month, which is a whole lot better than the second GPS I purchased. The purchase price off was about $80.00.
Y’all, if you love peppermint then you will LOVE this tea! Order now before it’s too late!

Final Pet GPS -- Visit for more info... When I first received the Whistle, I let it charge over night and started using it the next day. Grant it, Grace does not go outside everyday and she usually does stay around the house. Here’s the awesome part about this tracker. As of today, Monday, Halloween, it is just now giving me the message that the battery is low and the tracker needs to be charged. Grace does not wear the tracker 24/7 and most  nights after she comes in I do turn it off; but nonetheless, it is just now having to be charged. With the previous two GPS trackers I would have had to charge them at least three times by now.

Final Pet GPS -- Visit for more info... Another thing that helps the battery run longer than the others is when Grace is in the “safe zone,” the tracker is in battery saving mode. It’s probably a safe bet that if I hadn’t accidentally taken the tracker with me a few times outside the zone myself forgetting it was in my purse so I wouldn’t forget to bring it downstairs, I probably wouldn’t have gotten the low battery message.


Final Pet GPS -- Visit for more info... Though I know how much my Grace does during the day (sleep), the Whistle does have where it tracks the activity of the pet attached to. I guess if anything else it let’s me know how long shes outside for each time she goes outside

What I Don’t Love:

As of today, I can only think of three things I don’t like about the tracker. The first thing I don’t like is when the tracker is in the “safe zone” it won’t tell you the location for Grace, so all I know is that she is somewhere within the “safe zone.” The second thing I don’t like is when Grace does go out of the “safe zone,” it takes about 10-15 minutes before I am notified. I prefer for it to be like the first tracker I had where it tells me immediately. Lastly, it would be nice to have the light option, like the first tracker I had, where I was able to turn the light on from the app and not only tracker Grace but also see exactly where she is when it is dark.

Final Pet GPS -- Visit for more info...
Want a Whistle GPS Tracker for your pet? Use this code for a $20 off!

Have any questions about today’s post? Please feel free to comment below and I’ll respond back as soon as possible! Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again!

Crafty JBird

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