Big Colorful New Year Wreath

Good Morning Monday!! Hope everyone had a great successful first weekend in this new 2018 year! Mine was spent backing my computer up so I could give it a fresh start so to speak. About once a year I like to back it up, wipe it out completely, and then reinstall so it’s like new again. I’ve learned over the years, makes them last a bit longer.  I’ll post a little more about that another day. Anyways, remember the Bandana Wreaths I created back in October? Well, I have a slightly new version to share with you. So, let’s get started with my “Big Colorful New Year Wreath…”

Things Used:

Big Colorful New Year Wreath -- Visit for more info...

To purchase the products used in this post click on the product you want for the link to This time instead of the 12 inch Wire Wreath Frame, I used an 18 inch.

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Step #1:

Big Colorful New Year Wreath -- Visit for more info...Though this project is very similar to my previous wreath project, it is so much easier. Since I used fabric rolls this time, the fabric was already cut into 2.5 inch wide pieces. So that part of having to measure out the size saved a lot of time.

Step #2:

Big Colorful New Year Wreath -- Visit for more info...The only cutting I did have to do was making my small strips. To do this I simply folded each color strips together; half way two times. This gave me about 16 small strips per color. Each color had two strips in these rolls are 42 inches, making the small strips roughly 5 inches long.

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Step #3:

Big Colorful New Year Wreath -- Visit for more info...Big Colorful New Year Wreath -- Visit for more info...Once I finished cutting all the strips accordingly, I put them in the color order I wanted them to go on the wreath so the same color wasn’t next to each other.

Drawing Supplies

Step #4:

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Just as in my previous post, I simply tied each piece on the wreath wire. The 18 inch wire has four rows. For the first two starting inward I used 10 pieces. On the third row, I used 12; and on the outer row, I used 13.

Big Colorful New Year Wreath -- Visit for more info...

There you go! A cute, easy “Big Colorful New Year Wreath” project. Hope you enjoyed!

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Have any questions about today’s “Make It Monday” “Big Colorful New Year Wreath” post? Please feel free to comment below. Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again!

Crafty JBird

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