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It’s Tuesday once again. It’s already been a long week, but I’m in high hopes it will get better. Anyways, today I thought I would share a quick tutorial on “Apple iCloud Drive.” A few weeks ago, I did one on “Apple AirDrop” but this is a slightly different way to transferring pictures or anything else from one device to another. Let’s get started….

I still use “Apple AirDrop” basically every day. However, if I’m not close to my computer and want to get my pictures transferred where I can find them quickly without searching for them in Apple’s Photos, I use “Apple iCloud Drive” to get them transferred. Here are the few simple steps with using “Apple iCloud Drive.”

“Apple iCloud Drive” iPhone to Computer:

Step #1:

Apple iCloud Drive -- Visit for more info...So, again, you would want to find the picture you want to transfer to your computer from your iPhone. Then you would tap on the box with the arrow pointing upwards.

Step #2:

Apple iCloud Drive -- Visit for more info...

Once the box with the arrow pointing upwards is oppened, you will see the the icons seen in this pictures here. The bottom row of icons with the “AirPlay,” “Copy,” “Duplicate,” etc; you will scroll over and see another set of icons available. Apple iCloud Drive -- Visit for more info...Here in this photo above, you will see the “Assign to Contact,” “Use as Wallpaper,” “Print,” and “Add to iCloud Drive” icons. You will want to select the “Add the iCloud Drive” icon to continue with the selected picture.

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Step #3:

Apple iCloud Drive -- Visit for more info...Once you’ve selected the “Add to iCloud Drive” icon, this screen will come up showing you the folders available on your “Apple iCloud Drive.” Since I have mine organized into folders based on my posts I have planned for the week, I would had this particular picture to the folder labeled “06/06 Apple iCloud Drive.” Of course, sometimes I manage to just put whatever I am transferring on the Desktop to put wherever it needs to go once I’m on my computer. Once transferred and on the computer later you can access the photo or whatever else you might have transferred based on what you selected it to go to.

If you are not on your computer but need to access such as the picture from another computer, you can go to and log into your iCloud account. Once in your account you will see the  two rows of icons with your “Apple iCloud Drive” on the first row. (At least that is where mine is.)

“Apple iCloud Drive” iPhone App:

Step #1:

Apple iCloud Drive -- Visit for more info...

Also on your phone you have the “Apple iCloud Drive” application. To access anything you have allowed your “Apple iCloud Drive” to save, you can open this app to get to it from your iPhone and/or iPad.

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Step #2:

Apple iCloud Drive -- Visit for more info...This is what a folder I have some of my pictures from Long Beach, MS saved in looks like within my “Apple iCloud Drive” app on my iPhone.

“Apple iCloud Drive” on the Computer:

Step #1:

Apple iCloud Drive -- Visit for more info...

On your computer you can go to your “System Preferences” to access the settings for your “Apple iCloud Drive.” You can set it up where only certain applications are saved and available on your “Apple iCloud Drive” to save the space. If you get to the point where it is filling up, you can alway remove one or two things based on the space you need for something else or pay to add more space. Since I take some many pictures these days, I just had to upgrade again to allow myself more space.

Step #2:

Apple iCloud Drive -- Visit for more info...

In a “Finder Window” you can access your “Apple iCloud Drive” by clicking the icon available in the side bar. Here, you can see where I have my Desktop and Documents folders, as well as my documents I’ve made in “Apple Numbers” and “Apple Pages.” If you don’t know what programs these are, they are Apple’s version of Microsoft Word and Excel.

Other Info:

Apple iCloud Drive -- Visit for more info...The one thing I do not like about using “Apple iCloud Drive” is you can only transferr one picture at a time. So, as you can see here, I have five pictures selected and I do not have the option to “Add to iCloud Drive,” only the option to use my “Apple AirDrop.” It would certainly save some time if they had it were more than one photo could be uploaded at once.


There you go! A short tutorial on how to use “Apple iCloud Drive” on the iPhones. Hope you enjoyed and learned something new.

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Have any questions about today’s “Random Tuesday” “Apple iCloud Drive” post? Please feel free to comment below. Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again!

Crafty JBird

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