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Happy Make It Monday!!

Well, we are at the beginning of yet another week!  Hope everyone is having an awesome Monday!  Mine started off rough; but it shall get better 😎

Today I have made a clipboard with Anchors on it.  Since I love the water so much I thought it was very appropriate for this post in July ⚓️⚓️.  This is another simple and inexpensive project.

So here we go…

Things you’ll need:

Supplies Needed

  • Mod Podge
  • Clipboard — I’ve had this plain boring clipboard for a while now
  • Anchor paper — I purchased mine from Michael’s Craft Store (no affiliation)
  • Wave paper — left over from It’s Summer Memo Board project
  • See-through Blue Ribbon — I found mine in my stash of Close To My Heart stuff
  • Crab Pendent — Purchased from Michael’s Craft Store (no affiliation)
  • Paper cutter
  • Xacto knife
  • Glue Dots
  • Paper Towels

Step #1:

Clipboard Measurement Trim Paper 2 Trim Paper 1

Measure the length and width of your clipboard.  Mine is a standard size but you may want a mini clipboard depending on what your use it towards.  My measurements came out to 9 15/16 inches by 10 inches for Anchor Paper (Michael’s Crafts Store Recollections Item # 317465) and 9 15/16 inches by 6 inches for Waves Paper.

Step #2:

xactoing 4 xactoing 3 xactoing 2 xactoing

Place the Waves Paper or whatever other paper you have decided to use as the ‘top’ piece at the top of the clipboard and use your xacto knife to cut and remove what covers the clip part of the clipboard.

Step #3:

In this step, make sure you have your paper towel pieces underneath to keep the work space you are working on clean of the Mod Podge, as it can be messy sometimes.  First, I adhered the top piece  pattern by putting the Mod Podge either directly to the clipboard at the top or to the top piece paper and put in place on the clipboard.  (Be sure to work quickly, as I have found it to dry fairly quickly).  Secondly, I adhered the bottom pattern making sure it overlaps the top pattern.  Lastly, apply a top layer of Mod Podge to ‘seal’ the paper down.  Allow to dry for 15-20 minutes (just to be sure it’s good and dry), then apply a second layer and allow to dry again for 15-20 minutes.

Step #4:

This step is optional.  I had this cute little Crab I purchased from Michael’s Crafts Store.  It’s a pendent named “Oceanside,” part of their “bead landing” brand in their jewelry making section (Item # 422137).  I attached it with the twisty tie it was already attached to on the packaging it came on.  With the black piece that comes off my clip part of the clipboard I used, I twisted the twisty tie to the clip part I took the black piece off and place the twisty tie underneath it to secure it in place.

Step #5:

Ribbon used To hide the ‘seam’ between the two patterns of paper, I used a Darkish Blue Color Ribbon I had in my stash of Close To My Heart stuff.  Due to it being ‘see-through’ I folded it over three times and then used glue dots to secure it in place applying them to the back of the clipboard.  (If you don’t have glue dots, any type of adhesive for ribbon will work).

Anchors Away Clipboard ©CraftyJBirdThere you go!  Another project finished and ready to use.  Hope you enjoyed!  Be sure to share your project in the comments below and/or Facebook!

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