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Happy Tuesday y’all and happy second day of Spring! Shockingly, it actually feels like spring here in north Louisiana compared to last year when it was so cold; I was wearing fleece under my clothes for work. Of course, I worked at the zoo and had to be there by at 7 am. These days, if I actually went anywhere I would probably be wearing  Anyways, today I’m sharing my “Study Schedules” I created while still in school and how I’ve utilized them for studying for my test I have in a week and a half. Let’s get started….

Creating my study schedules didn’t really take much since all they involve is a table. Since I have an Apple computer, I used their program Pages rather than Microsoft Word. Though I think these two programs basically work the same so if you could use either one if you wanted to make these study schedules for yourself.

I kept two different types of study schedules going and changed them weekly. One schedule was my “Weekly Schedule for Daily Reading in Each Class” while the other schedule was my basic “Weekly Schedule.” Once I changed what needed to be change each week I printed them double-sided since I like to be able to mark things off as I get finished.

USM-GC Study Schedules:

I kept two different types of study schedules going and changed them weekly. One schedule was my “Weekly Schedule for Daily Reading in Each Class” while the other schedule was my basic “Weekly Schedule.”

“Weekly Schedule for Daily Reading in Each Class”:

Study Schedules -- Visit for more info... Several of my professors at school teased me how I was always so organized. Being organized and keeping to a schedule is what I helped me keep up with everything I had to get finished. This schedule here was my “Weekly Schedule for Daily Reading in Each Class” during the last few weeks of that semester. Though this one doesn’t particularly have much on it; most weeks I had it filled with whatever chapter we were working on or required readings we had for particular classes.

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“Weekly Schedule”:

Study Schedules -- Visit for more info... YEP! I literally had a schedule for what time I was going to do what and most days and weeks I kept to it. I based my time blocks on when I had classes and then scheduled everything else around those times. My only ‘day off’ was Sundays where I allowed myself to watch all my favorite shows I had recorded that week. I also had to make sure I was able to watch my New Orleans Saints!

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Of course most Saturdays during the Fall semesters also including having to watch the LSU games; though since this was towards the end of the semester, those games were over.

Yes, if you are trying to read what my schedule actually says, I do have for Chemistry to “Make ‘Cheat Sheet.'” Our chemistry professor was AWESOME! Since there were so much to learn for those tests, we were allowed one sheet of paper with whatever we wanted.

In between classes I made sure I had time for lunch (I have the tendencies to forget to eat when I’m on a roll), breaks, and library time. A bunch of us would meet in the library between classes to help each other with whatever it was we were working on. Since there was only a small group of us in the Marine Science program my first semester at USM-GC, we were more or less in the same classes together.


PACT “Study Schedules”:

So for the last couple of weeks, I have mentioned studying for a big test I have coming up but have never said what test I am taking. In a week and a half now I will be taking the TExES Core Subjects EC-6 (291) PACT test; which is the Texas teaching certification test. I have always wanted to be a teacher even before wanting to work with dolphins/marine animals. Since it was unfortunate the place I was hoping to be working in Mississippi didn’t happen back in January; I decided teaching is what I will be doing.

My mom was a 5th grade Special Education teacher at the school I grew up at so I was able to help her with getting this and that ready. Though I plan on teaching a lower elementary grade, I will still have the chance to teach the children of the future about the animals of the world including the marine animals. Working at the zoo was a bonus that will come in great handy in the years to come.

Why did I choose Texas over Louisiana teaching? The short version answer is because of the salary. Check back in a few weeks for the long version answer as there are so many.

“Weekly Schedule for Daily Reading in Each PACT Subject”:

Week #1:

Study Schedules -- Visit for more info... Okay so yeah, I wish I would have thought about my study schedules sooner rather than just the Friday before last. Unfortunately, I didn’t therefore last week was crammed packed with what I needed to get finished in order to go through everything.

For this study schedule, I based it on the online diagnostic and first practice tests for each subject. Though it looks like a lot for Science, Social Studies and the section including Fine Arts, Physical Education, and Health are the ones that I really have to work on more. I blame a lot of things on that fact.

Anyways, since I learn better by doing, for the past week I have been making flashcards on one of my new favorite websites. Be sure to check back next week or sign up for emails so you don’t miss which website. Unfortunately, things happen unexpectedly so I didn’t get everything finished.

Week #2:

Study Schedules -- Visit for more info... It’s a good thing I have another week. I created this new schedule Saturday. Though I took the second practice test as planned Sunday; my computer screwed up on me causing me to get super frustrated. I plan on retaking the practice today or tomorrow of which I have not reviewed any of my missed questions like I have with the first practice test as well as the diagnostic test.

Once I take the test again, I will use those results to review everything as well as goes through all of my flashcards I have so delicately made.

PACT “Weekly Schedule”:

Week #1:

Study Schedules -- Visit for more info... Since I made my “Study Schedules” the day before Daylight Saving Time, my whole week was screwy. However, I did manage to stick to my schedule fairly well except for walking on the treadmill after lunch and the day I managed not to each lunch until it was dinner time. Of course, I had to make sure I made time to type my posts for each day since it’s just necessary to take a break from studying.

Some say that if you study for about 50 minutes then take a 10-20 minute break, you retain more information. I’ve known this since I don’t remember; however, everyone is different. For me, I can study for hours, going over the information by re-wording everything as I type it. While at USM-GC I recorded my lectures and each night I would listen to all my recording for that day and type them along with the notes I took in class. I used my Livescribe Pen and loved it. If you don’t know what this pen is, be sure to check out the post I did back in August. It’s a must for every student.

Week #2:

Study Schedules -- Visit for more info... For this week as I mentioned above, I did take the second practice test as scheduled but plan on taking it again since I seemed to have too many windows open causing my computer to act up. Though my ‘reading schedule’ doesn’t have much left on it for this week, I still plan on utilizing every minute I between eating and walking on the treadmill.

There you go. A couple of ways to organize your life. These “Study Schedules” can be changed up anyway to fit anyone’s schedules. Hope you enjoyed! Have a great day!

Have any questions about today’s “Random Tuesday” “Study Schedule” post? Please feel free to comment below. Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again!

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