Welcome Spring 2018

Opps! So, I’ve been working hard just not on posts over the last several days. I’ve been working hard on my teaching certification ‘homework,’ now that I have been feeling better along with the rest of the house here at home. Since I’ve been ‘on a roll’ with getting things finished and submitted, I think I’m going to take this week off for posts. I wanted to make a “Welcome Spring 2018” post even though it’s “Random Tuesday,” but it is what it is. I’m going to, however, try my best to get my “Make It Monday” post done for next week, but will have to see about the other two days.

For the time being, enjoy the First Day of Spring 2018! Hope you have a great ‘springy’ day and enjoy these ‘Springy’ drawings I created last year!

Welcome Spring 2018 -- Visit CraftyJBird.com for more info... Welcome Spring 2018 -- Visit CraftyJBird.com for more info...


Teacher Dolphin Clipboard

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I’m lucky I actually know what day it is since I’ve been home and in Dallas three different times in the last week and it’s about a three hour drive each time. Anyways, since I’m on the verge of getting my teacher certification I decided to start some projects for my classroom. Let’s get started with my “Teacher Dolphin Clipboard…” Continue reading “Teacher Dolphin Clipboard”


Howdy Tuesday! Hope everyone had a productive day yesterday! I managed to get more than expected done so I’m feeling good. Today, I’ve got something that can help be more productive if you’re like me, always wanting to be as organized as possible. Let’s get started with “iMindMap….” Continue reading “iMindMap”

Study Roller

Hope everyone has a great day today! This week has felt like it has inched by but yet I feel like I have gotten nothing finished. I guess everyone has an ‘off’ week every so often huh? Anyways, today I wanted to share my new study blend I used to study for my big test I had several weeks ago. Let’s get started with “Study Roller….” Continue reading “Study Roller”

Test Day

Hope y’all have a great day! I, on the other hand, am most likely I am taking my test. Since I refuse to miss a day of posting, I decided to go ahead and do this post right quick. If you are new to brush calligraphy, this is a quick and simple way to blend two colors together. Though, it is going to be super short. Let’s get started with “Test Day…” Continue reading “Test Day”