Scrapbook Retreats

Oh Scrap It Friday!!

Some have spa weekends with their mothers, sisters, and/or a bunch of other ladies, me, I go to scrapbook retreats. I’ve mentioned this once or twice before but I haven’t actually talked about one of the retreats flat-out; so today that’s what I wanted to do. Though they are called scrapbook retreats depending on where you go, there are ladies there who are sewing, crocheting, and so many other craft like hobbies. Let’s get started…

Scrapbook Retreats

Crossroads Retreat Center:

Back at the beginning of October we attending out Creative Memories Consultant’s Scrapbooking Retreat. Twice a year she holds her retreats at a cute place way out in the country outside of Lindale, TX. The name of the place is Crossroads Retreat Center and it’s pretty awesome! If you’re looking for a way out in the country place to get away from everything (including shopping) this is the place to go. There are two different areas retreatant can choice to stay at; we always stay at the main center one so that is the one I will be talking about since I’ve never stayed at the other house.

What’s Included:

No matter what you decide to work on you can always count on having a clean home-like bedroom to staying. My mom, her best friend, and I always get to stay in what I call the ‘Pink Room.’ There you will find three beds with a futon towards the back/closet area for when there are more people. Now, there are I believe 10 rooms total. Some of them are upstairs of the main house where the rest are outside where you will also find a pool.

Inside the main house there is a huge room where all the scrapbooking takes place. In the next room over is the dinner room and kitchen. There you will have some great home cooked meals. For the early birds they provide a continental breakfast; but of course you can munch anytime you want up until lunch time. Then you have dinner.

Scrapbook Retreats -- Visit for more info... Need a snack in between? Our awesome consultant asks everyone to bring something to share with everyone else. Needless to say we always have enough snacks to feed an army. We usually have anything from mini bundtlets to chip dips to homemade cookies with lots of chocolate and candy. You can definitely never go hungry!

Other Things To Do While There:

Need to stretch? Take a walk. Every time we go to Crossroads Retreat Center a group of us take several 15 minute walks up the street and back making it a 30 minute walk at least twice a day on the second and third day we are there. Most of us get there on Thursday afternoons and usually take a walk about 30-45 minutes before dinner. Since the retreat is over on Sundays, we so busy trying to finish what we were working on or trying to get one more double page in and then having to sadly pack our stuff up, we don’t get to take our walk.
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Want to relax a bit more than you already are for the weekend? Get a massage! They have an awesome massage therapist come usually on that Friday and Saturday. Of course there is an extra charge but it’s totally worth it. Trust me, I’ve had plenty of massages by plenty of different therapist besides my regular one here at home and I know I good one when I get one.

Scrapbook Retreats -- Visit for more info... Scrapbook Retreats -- Visit for more info...

Scrapbook Retreats -- Visit for more info...
Just a few pictures from this years retreat and our lovely mess.. šŸ˜‚

There you go! An awesome place to go for getting away out in the country. Go ahead and get to scrappin’!

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Have any questions about today’s post? Please feel free to comment below and I’ll respond back as soon as possible! Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again!

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