Oily Gift Basket

It’s Thursday y’all!! Hope everyone is safe from all these storms going on throughout the US. Since it rained a lot yesterday; we had to backwash the pool FIVE times! The last time I decided to let a little more than normal out since the electricity had just decided to flicker some. Anyways, while I’m waiting for some bottles of oils to arrive I thought I would share the “Oily Gift Basket” I made up for the teacher I observed last week as a Thank you. So, let’s get started with “Oily Gift Basket…” Continue reading “Oily Gift Basket”

Getting Ready for the Holidays Part 2

It’s Thursday!! Hope everyone has had a great week so far! We spent what felt like several hours at Target yesterday shopping to use our 20% entire purchase we got from our Black Friday shopping. It was scary, and we are going to the other Target first thing in the morning for more. šŸ˜³ Anyways, I’ve got one more way of how you can use Young Living Essential Oils to get ready for the holidays. So, let’s get started with “Getting Ready for the Holidays Part 2…” Continue reading “Getting Ready for the Holidays Part 2”

Young Living’s Starter Kit Part 10

Wow! Oily Thursday!!

YAY! It’s Thursday which means one more day time the weekend! Which also means I now have less than a week until I take my test. I truly don’t know what I would do without my Young Living Essential Oils to keep me at bay. It’s not even test day, and I’m already getting nervous! Anyways, today I will be giving an overview of the Essential Oils included and Diffuser options you get when you purchase the Young Living Starter Kit. Let’s get started with “Young Living’s Starter Kit Part 10…” Continue reading “Young Living’s Starter Kit Part 10”

Young Living Starter Kits

It’s Oily Thursday!!

So, I thought I would start the year with some information about the Young Living Starter Kits. Though they have several to choose from, for this series of posts I’m going to talk about the main one everyone gets to start off. Today will be in general of what comes in the kit and the different options for it. Then, over the next several weeks, I’ll go more in-depth of what each essential oil can be used for, as well as, how each diffuser you can choose from works. Let’s get started… Continue reading “Young Living Starter Kits”