Mosaic Moments All About Autumn

Good Morning Black Friday!! How many of y’all are already out and about this morning? I might get going by 6 am, but I doubt it. Hope everyone has a great shopping day nonetheless. Anyways, since yesterday was Thanksgiving and it is still Fall, I thought I would share this double page layout for all those Thanksgiving/Fall pictures. So, let’s get started with “Mosaic Moments All About Autumn…” Continue reading “Mosaic Moments All About Autumn”

Mosaic Moments Bus Stop

Happy Happy Friday!! Hope everyone is ready for this Friday the 13th! I mean I’m not that superstitious or anything, but I think I’ll be extra cautious. Anyways, since school has been back in session for a few weeks now, I thought for my first “Scrap It Friday” post since July I would show off a great double page for all those back to school pictures I know all of y’all took. So, let’s get started with “Mosaic Moments Bus Stop…” Continue reading “Mosaic Moments Bus Stop”

Mosaic Moments Tropical Paradise

Wow! What a week! Can’t believe the first week of July is already over, can y’all? I’ve been home, to Dallas, and back again. Next week I get to drive partly to Dallas, take my exam, and continue to Dallas, joy. Anyways, since the 4th of July was this week, I have another double page layout that I thought was great for all those pictures. I mean, you must have lots of layouts for all of them right? Of course, they would be great for any other summery pictures too. So, let’s get started with “Mosaic Moments Tropical Paradise…” Continue reading “Mosaic Moments Tropical Paradise”

Mosaic Moments Life is Good

Another day, another Friday! Hope everyone has a great one and is ready for the weekend now. I plan to study, study, and study some more. Some where in there I will have to pack and get ready to head back over to Texas; but until then I’ll be preparing for my Science portion of the Texas Teaching Certification Exam I have coming up in a couple of weeks. Anyways, next Tuesday is Independence Day so I thought this “Mosaic Moments Life is Good” double page kit was perfect for those pictures you’ll be taking. Let’s get started… Continue reading “Mosaic Moments Life is Good”