New Great Night Sleep Blend

Well, it’s Thursday once again! Who’s ready for the weekend?! I know two people in the Big D who are NOT and frankly neither am I because of basically the same thing. Of course, I’m also not due to still having a tons to study and feel like I haven’t gotten anything done this week or month for that matter. Anyways, a few weeks ago I did a series with some of my favorite blends and one of them was my “Great Night Sleep” blend only since my original blend I had added a few so I thought I would give the recipe for my “New Great Night Sleep Blend” today.  Let’s get started…. Continue reading “New Great Night Sleep Blend”

Young Living Starter Kits

It’s Oily Thursday!!

So, I thought I would start the year with some information about the Young Living Starter Kits. Though they have several to choose from, for this series of posts I’m going to talk about the main one everyone gets to start off. Today will be in general of what comes in the kit and the different options for it. Then, over the next several weeks, I’ll go more in-depth of what each essential oil can be used for, as well as, how each diffuser you can choose from works. Let’s get started… Continue reading “Young Living Starter Kits”

Seasonal Issues Spray

Howdy Oily Thursday!!

Hope everyone is having an awesome week and start of November so far! I am having a great week now that I have made it back down to the beach. Though we will only be here for a few days, I am taking it all in and looking for myself a place to move back down. 🙂 So last week, I visit a friend and she was telling me, after running into Walgreens and getting more Afrin Nose Spray, how she has gone through the stuff like crazy due to be so stuffy. So, I decided I would make a Seasonal Issues Spray. Let’s get started… Continue reading “Seasonal Issues Spray”