Required Scripts So Young Living to the Rescue

It’s Thursday which means it’s almost Friday and the first weekend of 2018. Who’s ready!? As soon as my back feels better as I think I must have slept on it wrong Tuesday night and warms back up, I will be I hope. Anyways, back in June, I started getting these breakouts which okay are normal, but after treating them with various Essential Oils, as usual, they still kept coming back. I decided to share what I finally had to do, so, let’s get started with “Required Scripts So Young Living to the Rescue…” Continue reading “Required Scripts So Young Living to the Rescue”

Birthday Scents

WoW! Hope everyone is having a great day and week so far! Can’t believe today is already Thursday! It was certainly a long day yesterday, was it not?! Did everyone get a lot finished? I did! Between working on my blog posts, getting on the treadmill (still working off all those goodies I ate Tuesday), and straightening up my craft area since getting back from out scrapbooking retreat I actually still had alittle time to relax. Anyways, since it’s my Birthday Week I thought I would share some more of my favorite diffusing blends which also go with the summer theme. So, let’s get started with “Birthday Scents….” Continue reading “Birthday Scents”

Christmas Time Scents

Ho Ho Ho Oily Thursday!!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! I know everyone is most likely ready for the weekend, unless of course you still have to work on the weekends. Sorry bout that! Well, it’s Oily Thursday once again and I’ve got some Christmas Time Scents for you! These smell so awesomely great in the diffuser, you have got to try them! Let’s get started!… Continue reading “Christmas Time Scents”

Thanksgiving Scents

Happy Oily Thanksgiving Thursday!

So for today I wanted to share a few Thanksgiving Scents that could be diffused during this Thanksgiving Day. I know everyone will probably have a long day spending it I hope with friends and family. Me personally, I will not be shopping on this Thanksgiving Day, as it should be, Black Friday is tomorrow so what’s the rush. Thanksgiving should be a day spent with friends and family not shopping standing in line after line. Let’s get started… Continue reading “Thanksgiving Scents”

Fall Scents

Oily Thursday and Beginning of my Long Awesome Weekend!

We’ve made it to Thursday! Only one more day til the actual weekend. For me, the weekend has started. I’m at my scrapbooking retreat after picking my mom up in Dallas yesterday since she’s been over there for almost two weeks with my sister. They get to play while I get to blog, help dad around the house, and take care of the bird, dog, and my Grace. Anyways, did you know diffusing essential oils don’t always have to be just for the benefits they bring? You can also mix various ones for great awesome smells. Today, I wanna share with you some of my favorite combinations for Fall Scents. Continue reading “Fall Scents”