Louisiana versus Texas Teaching

Howdy Tuesday! Hope everyone had a great day yesterday and has another great day today! Considering the weekend I had, yesterday was quite productive for me. Of course, it helps when someone else is here to take care of the animals and I don’t have to get up every five minutes due to one or the other getting sick. Anyways, today I decided to share of why I decided to get my teaching certification in Texas instead here in my home state Louisiana. Let’s get started with “Louisiana versus Texas Teaching….” Continue reading “Louisiana versus Texas Teaching”


Happy Random Tuesday!

I guess it’s back to work once again for most. This morning we are taking out dachshund in for a check-up since she had a really bad cough starting a couple days before Christmas. It’s basically gone now but still gotta take her just to be sure. Today, I’m just going to show off the Build-A-Bear my ‘nephew’ picked out as his Christmas present. Let’s get started… Continue reading “Build-A-Bear”