Vitality vs Regular Essential Oils Bottles Part 2

It’s Thursday!! Hope everyone has had a great week so far! The two bedroom at the scrapbook retreat in Tyler happened to be open this weekend so I am working on getting a lot finished. Anyways, a couple weeks ago I started my series for the difference between the Vitality and Regular labeled bottles Young Living came out with in 2016. So, let’s get started with “Vitality vs Regular Essential Oils Bottles Part 2…” Continue reading “Vitality vs Regular Essential Oils Bottles Part 2”

My Essentials

Oh, Oily Thursday, We Met Again!

For the first Christmas I had my Young Living Essential Oils, my sister got me a super cute bottle holder. I think she thought it would prevent me from carrying as many as I could fit in my purse and for the most part it worked, but I still carry a lot with me no matter. You just never know when you will need something. However, I do have ‘my essentials’ that I have made a must for my day-to-day activities. Continue reading “My Essentials”

Lemon Vitality Essential Oils…

Happy Oily Thursday!!

We’ve made it to the last part of the workweek. My mom and I are at a scrapbooking crop day at our Creative Memories Consultants house. Everyone, except me, is scrapbooking. Me? I’m working on my calligraphy.

Lemon Vitality Essential Oils

                     Lemon Vitality Young Living Leom Vitality Essential Oil

Today I wanted to share a couple of ways of how you can use Young Living’s Lemon Vitality Essential Oil.  Though I’ve been using essential oils for over 10 years, I never until I started using Young Living’s ingested them and will never recommend doing so with any other brand.  I’ve been ingesting Young Living’s Essential Oils now for over 2 years and I have not had an issue.  I have watched videos of top consultants visiting Young Living’s farms, where they have watched them distill the various plants and make the bottles they are put in for purchase, so I know there are no additives in any of them.  One of these days I plan on visiting one myself, but who knows when that will be.  🤔 Continue reading “Lemon Vitality Essential Oils…”